The Midnight Meat Train

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Based on a 1984 short story by Clive Barker featured in Volume One of Books of Blood, The Midnight Meat Train is a horror film centers around a photographer and his determination to track down a subway serial killer.  Struggling artist Leon Kaufman (Bradley Cooper) has finally peaked the interest of a prominent art gallery with his provocative photographs of the city’s nightlife.  Searching for even more provocative photos that define the darker side of the city for his debut at the gallery, Leon actively seeks out the “Subway Butcher”, so dubbed because he butchers late night subway commuters.  But has Leon gotten himself into something too dark, too horrific…something he can never walk away from?

            Decidedly dark in plot, it would only seem proper that the soundtrack of The Midnight Meat Train would be comprised of music that was dark in nature.  The soundtrack features various artists including Iconcrash, Three Dot Revelation, Alu, Illusion of Order, Second Coming, Penetrator and more.  Consisting of hardcore/alternative rock, each song on the soundtrack is successively darker than the next.  Hard rocking music is used to not only define the horrific killings in the film, but to give the listener a sense of the heightened intensity and emotion of each scene.

            I thought that the lyrics of the fifth track, S.O.S. (Anything But Love) by Apocalyptica, were incredibly apt for this movie: “…Go on and fight me / Go on and scare me to death…”  Dismemberment Express by Slvtn, the sixth track on the album, is a mix of movie dialogue and spooky music.  If someone had not seen The Midnight Meat Train, they would understand the movie perfectly by listening to this track.

            The Midnight Meat Train Soundtrack is a perfect addition to any hardcore rocker’s music collection.  Fans of the Mortal Kombat movie soundtracks and The Punisher Soundtrack should really check this one out.  But be forewarned, the album does contain some rather explicit lyrics beginning with Track One, Strange, Strange Dark Star by Iconcrash.


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