Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Soundtrack and Score

Music Composed By: Jeff Cardoni

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Adam Devine and Zach Efron are hard partying brothers who need a date for their sisterís Hawaiian wedding.  Mike and Dave decide to place an ad online to find the perfect dates, but what they find instead is a pair of women (Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza) who can party heartier than they ever could.

                Lakeshore Records has released two albums for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.  The Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Soundtrack features music from artists such as Mase, The Beatards, The Darkness, Ra Ra Riot, Thin Lizzy and Be Your Own Pet, as well as songs from Zach Efron and Adam Devine.  The Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Score album features musical score from American composer and musician Jeff Cardoni.  Studying classical piano while playing percussion in school orchestra, Cardoniís attention was originally focused on rock and roll, but soon became engrossed in film scoring.  Since then, he has created over thirty-five film scores and composed a number of scores for television network series.  Some of Cardoniís credits include Just Friends, Step Up: All In, Open Season 3, The Defenders, The Lottery, Wilfred, The League and CSI: Miami.

                The songs found on the Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Soundtrack fairly screams ďPARTY!Ē  Featuring various genres like hip-hop, rap, indie rock and more, this album is a great deal of fun.  It opens up with Do Something Crazy from Outasight featuring Cook Classics, a party song if Iíve ever heard one.  The lyrics of Stang Life, performed by Zac Efron and Adam Devine, tells the story of the film through the art of rap.  Some other great tracks include Dang Diggy Dang by The Beatards, a fun hip-hop track and I Believe In A Thing Called Love, a popular indie track by The Darkness.  The album ends with a Mike and Dave Score Medley by Jeff Cardoni.

                The Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Score album features some funky comedic sound.  There are some violins and brass during crazy stunts performed by the unlikely couples like the ATV jump and the sauna challenge but for the most part the musical score is performed through the use of guitars, bass, snares and hard-hat cymbals. 

                While I loved the soundtrack, I wondered at the release of the thirty-minute score album.  The musical score was okay, but not worthy of a separate album.  The tracks were extremely short and mostly just comedic cues created for various scenes.  The medley track on the end of the Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Soundtrack should suffice to give listeners an excellent sample of the music Jeff Cardoni created for the film.  Thus, I highly recommend checking out the soundtrack for the best of both worlds.


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