The Essential Mike Post TV Theme Collection

Composed by: Mike Post

Performed by: Various Artists

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When I was a kid, I watched a lot of television series with some memorable theme music.  Who could forget the opening to the quirky detective show called The Rockford Files - the answering machine beeping with a message for Jim or Mr. Rockford followed by heavily synthesized music featuring wah-wah-peddled guitars?  What about the beautiful bluesy piano accompanied by bass and some percussion that opened the popular police drama known as Hill Street Blues?  Or the action-packed theme to Hunter?  Well, all of those themes were created by Mike Post and they are all available on a new soundtrack compilation available from Silva Screen Records called The Essential Mike Post Collection.

            Mike Post began his music career as a musician as a member of Kenny Rogers’ country-rock band First Edition.  By the late 1960s, he had joined forces with Pete Carpenter and began writing music for television.  In 1974, they composed the theme from Rockford Files and things took off from their.  One of the most successful television composers of his time, Mike Post has received five Grammy Awards for his theme songs over the years.

            The Essential Mike Post TV Theme Collection features fifteen of Post’s best television themes to date performed by various artists including the Daniel Caine Orchestra, London Music Works, Mark Ayres and the City of Prague Philharmonic.  The collection begins with the fun and quirky theme to Blossom.  The moment the first track began to play, I was magically transported back to the days when Blossom was on the air. 

            With each progressive track, I grew more and more excited as the themes from my favorite television shows like Hunter, Hill Street Blues, The Rockford Files, L.A. Law NYPD Blue, Law and Order and more poured out of my speakers, bringing with them the memories of my life during each show’s time period.  I hummed along with the music, playing air guitar with Hunter, miming the beautiful piano piece Post wrote for Hill Street Blues, playing along with the intense percussions of NYPD Blue and heading back to that air guitar for the Law and Order theme.  In fact, every track on this album, with the exception of Top of the Hill , features the theme of a television show I watched regularly.  There wasn’t a theme in the bunch I disliked.

            In listening to the collection again, I noticed that although there were some similarities in some of the themes Post created, each one had its own uniqueness - something that set them apart from the others and made them special.  Mike Post is one of those musical geniuses that will forever go down in history as the man who created some of the most loved and remembered television themes of our time.  The Essential Mike Post TV Theme Collection is a must have for any television enthusiast or for any nostalgic like myself.  This compilation album makes a great addition to my collection…I can’t wait to listen to it again!


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