What We Do Here At G-Pop


G-Pop's Mission Statement

Listen to your radio, watch your television, open a book, check the movie listings, read your comic books, anxiously await the newest wrestler to join the WWE, drown yourself in the analytical political nonsense on cable television Ė emerge yourself into all the pop culture America has to offer and you are still selling yourself short.  There is an entire world out there and it is passing you by.  G-Pop: Welcome to our World!

G-Pop stands for Global Pop Culture.  We know there is more than just what is being offered to the mainstream public.  The next stars are developing their craft today.  The hottest movies are not necessarily made with blue screen technology, featuring overpriced actors who whine that their dressing rooms arenít painted pink.  The best comic book or novel is not found in your favorite comic book store or on the New York Times Best Sellerís List.  The best music cannot even be illegally downloaded yet.  The next wrestling superstar is busting his ass in Japan or on the independent circuit in Ohio.  Japanese Anime is the hottest thing right now, but Chinese Animation is on the horizon.   

You may know all this already, but just donít know how to find all these hidden gems around the world and that is where we come in.  G-Pop plans to look at the British and Palestinian political rap scene and the small time rocker hitting the clubs of New York with the hopes of making it big.  G-Pop will find the independent comic book company putting out the hottest titles no one knows about.  G Pop will discover the next trend in animation in American, Japan or South Africa.   G-Pop will examine the little engines that could, like Padwolf Publishing, which continues to put out the hottest science fiction books not found in your local bookstore.  G-Pop will take everything you know about life and turn it on its ear, mocking everyone, everything while making our readers sit up and take notice about whatís going on around them. 

And we wonít forget about the mainstream.  We know that is what you crave right now, so we will give that to you, too, just to whet your appetite while you discover new things you never knew existed.  However, we will also take a different look at the mainstream.  How has Hip Hop changed the art world?  How has Hip Hop been exploited?  And we will even discuss the hot news from other magazines, such as the excellent documentary put out by FEDS Magazine on illegal underground dog fighting or the excellent magazine that looks at historical events as if they happened today.  If it is out there, G-Pop will find it and bring it right to your computer screen. 

You may love what we have to offer and you may not like a lot of what we say at all, but G-Pop will have you talking and will make you feel a part of a small, but vocal minority that no longer wants to be stuck in a box.  Go outside the boundaries.  Color outside the lines.  Take the path least traveled.  G-Pop:  Weíll give you what you have been looking for before you were even looking for it.