Mississippi Grind: Volumes 1 & 2

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In Mississippi Grind, Ben Mendelsohn is Gerry, a down on his luck gambler whose fortunes begin to change when he meets Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), a younger, charismatic poker player.  The two become fast friends and head off on a road trip to New Orleans and a high stakes game of poker.  On their way, they hit every casino, racetrack, bar and pool hall they can find, winning some and losing some, learning about life and creating a bond that will last them forever.

                The music of Mississippi Grind is uniquely divided into two albums.  Mississippi Grind: Volume 1: Gerry's Road Mix contains songs representing Gerry and the trials and tribulations of his life.  The songs tend to be older, alternating between blues and country.  The album contains music by Odetta, James Hand, Memphis Slim, Jimmy Lee Williams, Jimmy Lee Harris, Memphis Minnie and more.  The music speaks of betrayal, jealousy, despair and more in tracks like Dirty Mother For You, Grinder Man Blues, Leave Her Alone, Floor to Crawl and more.

                Mississippi Grind: Volume 2: Curtis' Road Mix features more modern blues and country tracks like Ace of Spades, Heels Clickin', Goin' Down South, Rainbow Road, Hill Stomp and more.  Featuring singers such as John Lee Hooker, Furry Lewis, Tom T. Hall, Marshall Chapman and more, the music describes a younger man, looking for notoriety while still sowing wild oats.

                Both albums will appeal to fans of blues and country, though, depending on age, one will appeal more than the other.  I found both albums to be enjoyable and the songs to be completely representative of the characters from the film.  The idea of separating the songs by character is a rather unique marketing ploy and will pretty much ensure that, based upon a customer's musical preference, the company will get sales - nicely done.


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