Rock / Pop / Alternative

Mitch Hood

Artist: Mitch Hood

Produced By: Ethan Mentzer

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            My first introduction to music by Mitch Hood came when I reviewed Life Under the Sun by the Philadelphia-based band Grandview.  At the time, I had mixed feelings about the album – the music was great, but tended to drown out the vocals and the lyrics were wonderful, but I wasn’t sure about the lead singer’s voice.  Since then, Mitch Hood has moved on, working on a solo album with producer Ethan Mentzer of The Click Five.  I recently received an EP of Mitch Hood’s new music and was eager to see what improvements going solo could make in Hood’s music.

            The very first track, Hey Kate, proved to me that Mitch’s style had changed.  Once high-pitched and annoying, Mitch Hood’s voice has matured greatly.  The lyrics – always Mitch’s strong point – tell a story that is easy to understand and relate to about a woman caught in an abusive relationship that is sending her spiraling downward into depression and despair.  This time, whoever did the mixing on the EP definitely knew what they were doing.  The music was great and the vocals were heard very clearly.  Hey Kate is catchy and I found myself singing along the second time I listened to it.  Guilty and Better Unknown round out the songs on this EP and are just as enjoyable as the first.  In Guilty, the singer begs his partner to keep her faith in him as he deals with the guilt of former actions.  Better Unknown is a slower ballad about a failing relationship.

            Mitch Hood has found his niche as a solo artist and I predict that Hey Kate will be the vehicle to get him some mainstream radio play.  This is definitely a song that mainstream radio listeners will enjoy.  Mitch’s collaboration with producer Ethan Mentzer will bring him much success in the future.  According to Mitch Hood’s website, the music found on this EP will soon make its way onto an as yet unnamed album.  I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the songs Mitch Hood has to offer. 


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