Mojave Moon

Distributed By: Trimark Pictures

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Have you ever enjoyed an actor or actress so much that you began a collection of their work?  I have a couple of these collections – Angelina Jolie, Michael Biehn, Mary Stuart Masterson…you get the picture.  So when I heard about Mojave Moon, I simply had to have this movie.  After all, this film starred not only Angelina Jolie, but also Michael Biehn – a two-for-one deal!  I searched far and wide for this film and finally found it on VHS.  I recently bought a DVD copy so I can make space in my movie section.  Wanting to make certain the DVD worked properly, I popped it into the DVD player.

            Mojave Moon stars Danny Aiello as Al McCord, a Long Island man who has recently gone through a divorce and has been trying to start over in Los Angeles, California.  Al is a simple man with a decent taste in cars and a funny taste in friends.  One day, while having lunch with his buddies at a local diner, Al meets Ellen Rigby (yes, like the Beatles song), a young woman with a hot-to-trot look and an interesting way of getting what she wants out of life.  Simple Al never expects Hot Ellie to even glance his way let alone ask him to eat lunch with her.  He takes her back to his apartment, amazed at this interesting turn of events, only to discover that Ellie’s real intention was to get Al to drive her to her mother’s home in the Mojave Desert.  Taken by Ellie’s looks and actions, Al agrees to the trip only to discover that meeting Ellie could possibly be the worst thing that has happened to him since his divorce.

            Mojave Moon is described as a romantic comedy, but I fail to see much in the romance category.  Comedy is definitely this movie’s strong suit.  Anne Archer is very funny as Julie, Ellie’s ditzy mother and Michael Biehn is hysterical as Julie’s lunatic boyfriend, Boyd.  Angelina Jolie does comedy well, but she’s really not all that funny in this film.  Danny Aiello is admirable in his role of a nice guy taken in by a not so nice girl.  Alfred Molina is terrific as Sal, Al’s struggling actor friend and Peter MacNicol is absolutely hysterical as the gun-toting tire repairman.

            The soundtrack of the film is fairly decent with some oldies like Little Girl Lost and Little Misfortune mixed in with some alternative music such as Lavendar and Kiss the Boy Goodbye.  My personal favorite is Lavendar by Watsonville Patio which both opens and closes the film – the music has a terrific beat and a dreamy quality that instantly caught my attention.

            Watching this film a second time does little to change my opinion of the movie - Mojave Moon is a funny film, but on a scale of one to ten, this film peaks at about a five.  This is one of those films you might rent once and forget about later.  If you are a fan of DVD bonus features, look elsewhere – except for some trailers of older films, there are no extras to speak of.  Despite some rather clever comedic moments, you won’t be missing much if you miss out on Mojave Moon


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