Melodic Hard Rock

Moment Theory

Artist: Moment Theory

Produced by: Tarik Solangi and Joe Salvatore

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            A few days ago, I was invited to check out an EP from a band called Moment Theory, a local band formed in White Plains, New York.  The band consists of Joe Salvatore on lead vocals and guitar, Bobby Bello on bass and vocals, and Mike Bambace on drums.  I hadn’t even received the CD yet and I was already intrigued by the name of the band.  Some bands have names that are rather easy to interpret, but moment theory took some thought.  As it turns out, it took a great deal of thought and was conceived after the drummer read a novel called The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin by P.D. Ouspensky.  After reading this novel, Mike Bambace realized that “the reality in our conscious mind changes from moment to moment creating our own paths and theories.”  Feeling that this was a perfect description for their band’s ultimate project, the name Moment Theory was adopted.

            Moment Theory is a relatively new band, having been formed in 2005.  However, the band has developed an ever-growing fan base on the East Coast and an even further reaching fan base thanks to their page at  According to the journal on their main website, things are progressing so quickly with this band that they are finding it hard to keep up.  In January 2007, the band created a self-titled EP containing six tracks and by the end of the month, they were spotlighted on 105.5FM in New Jersey (WDHA – The Rock Of New Jersey).

            The Moment Theory EP starts off explosively with Calling Shotgun, a track that the band is marketing as a radio single.  This song about self-discovery, rebirth and taking control of life is an excellent choice to market the band.  In my opinion, the song is the best track on the EP with excellently well thought out lyrics and rocking music.  “Can you feel it? / The changing of the tides inside tonight. / In an instant / This drive defines this time of our lives.”  In my opinion, this song best defines what this band is about.  Joe Salvatore’s vocals are strong, backed up by great guitars and a powerful drum beat supplied by Mike Bambace.  The band cites influences by the Foo Fighters and I can definitely see this influence directly from the first track.

            The second track, The Lovely Truth, starts off somewhat bluesy with great bass supplied by Bobby Bello.  Then, it suddenly explodes into a harder rock beat.  What started off extremely melodic sort of becomes disjointed a bit, then comes back and becomes melodic again.  This could be symbolic of the thoughts expressed in the song which is about reaching a crossroad in life and the struggle to find the correct path.  Era of Letdowns is another example of well-thought out lyrics combined with dark music that adds meaning to the words.  Regrets is very reminiscent in style of the song Everlong from the Foo Fighters.  The last two tracks, Reaction Time and Sleep Over, would be perfect for an action film soundtrack – something dark and brooding.

            Judging from the Moment Theory EP, I can see that this band is very introspective.  They have a message for the world and are seeking to put it forth in an intelligible way.  The lyrics would fit perfectly in any poetry book dedicated to self-discovery and life struggles.  Add these profound lyrics to the band’s hard rock music containing great guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums and you have a perfect combination.  I’m a fan of the Foo Fighters and I can see the influence on this band.  With any luck, The Moment Theory will develop the same kind of fan base and fame in their career.


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