Composed By:  Laurent Eyquem

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the action film, Momentum, Olga Kurylenko is Alex, an infiltration expert whose identity is revealed during a seemingly routine heist.  Alex soon finds herself mixed up in a government conspiracy.  Hunted down by a master assassin (James Purefoy), Alex must find a way to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy and avenge her murdered friends.

                The musical score of Momentum was created by French composer Laurent Eyquem, a man who has overcome enormous challenges to become as successful as he is today.  In July 2000, he lost his sister to a plane crash.  His father, a clarinetist with the Bordeaux orchestra and his mentor, developed an aggressive form of cancer and died in 2003.  Months later, Laurent Eyquem survived a thirty-foot fall, suffering injuries that almost cost him his right arm, but after numerous surgeries and two years of physiotherapy, Laurent was not only able to gain motion in the arm, but regain the capability to compose and conduct.  He has created musical scores for a number of projects, including Mommy is at the Hairdresser's, Winnie Mandela, Copperhead and The Red Tent.

                Momentum is an action film and that requires an adrenaline-pumping score.  To that end, heavy percussion is joined by strings, keyboards and electronic sound.  The more action, the faster the strings are played.  Intrigue and drama are given softer strings and piano tones.  And ominous undertones play throughout as Alex attempts to allude the men who are hunting her.  According to the composer, “Momentum is a hard-driving yet fluid, action score that is as much orchestral as it is electronic.  My goal was to create a customized sound signature for the film that used these sounds in unexpected, somewhat non-traditional ways. The soundtrack is definitely a hybrid or a fusion of sorts, but I've stayed true to my melodic roots… The score has a definite and persistent thread of forward movement underscored, even in the long torture scene. The interplay of orchestral and electronic sounds reflects the dichotomy of the main character - feminine and beautiful yet tough, driven and ruthless.”

                There is no way you can listen to the Momentum Soundtrack and not feel a quickening of the pulse, from the very first track (Opening) until the last track (Momentum).  There’s just an edge of your seat feel to the score that persists even through the quieter tracks.  The score created by Laurent Eyquem perfectly matches the adrenaline-pumping action and intrigue of the film.  Definitely worth taking a listen to.


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