Mother's Day

Music By: Bobby Johnston

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When the Koffin brother’s bank robbery goes horribly wrong, they find themselves on the run from the law.  Racing to their mother’s home, they soon discover that Mother (Rebecca De Mornay) has lost the house to foreclosure.  The Koffin’s crash the new homeowners’ party, taking all of the occupants as hostages until Mother arrives to save their bacon.  Unfortunately, Mother has plans for just more than her sons’ rescue – she wants money…money she believes is hidden in her former home by the new owners.

            The musical score of Mother’s Day was created by Bobby Johnston, an American composer who is known for his unusual composing style, usually preferring to use acoustic instruments in his compositions and often performing these instruments himself.  His résumé includes the musical scores of Edmond, King of the Ants, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Humble Pie, Hotel California and more.

            Often times, before I listen to a soundtrack, I will read the promo material and research the film to find out the genre of the film and its storyline.  This time around, I decided to check out the Mother’s Day Soundtrack without reading the promo or watching the film’s trailer.  After all, I figured a movie named after this holiday would be either filled with happy, sweet music or dramatic, sad music, depending on the film genre.  But when I started listening to this album, I was completely thrown off by what I heard, especially knowing Bobby Johnston’s normal composing style.

Mother’s Day is an action thriller featuring psychotic sociopath bad guys and somewhat helpless hostages whose every move considered “against the rules” brings about terrible consequences for everyone.  The music for such a film is bound to be intense and action-filled and Bobby Johnston delivers, going against his normal composing style to create a musical score with an incredible intensity and feeling of suspense.  The music alternates between barely restrained violence and explosive moments of action and suspense.

           Having viewed the trailer of Mother’s Day, I can see that the music composed by Bobby Johnston perfectly adds to the horror and suspense of this film.  However, as a standalone album, I’m not sure it’s worth the ticket price.  This soundtrack would definitely not make much of a Mother’s Day gift, that’s for sure.


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