Web Comic


Written by: Jay Dyke


Reviewed by Natasia Minners


            Okay, so I donít have a whole lot of time to surf the web what with sleeping, entertaining myself by screwing with the humans, keeping a vigilant watch on the neighborhood, sleeping, singing, kitty college, eating, sleeping, etc.  But the other day, I found I had some free time, so I checked on my hero, Max Thompson, and his blog.  It was there that I discovered a web cartoon that I could really sink my teeth into.

            MOWS, by Jay Dyke, is a comic strip on the internet thatís all about kitties!  The comic strip centers around three cats - Nonie, Indy and Tigey - that live together in a home in Bayville, New York.  Iíve heard a rumor that Jay Dyke actually lived with three cats at one time and that this comic strip was based on those kitties.   

            On of the comicís very early strips discusses the kinds of prejudices all of us multi-colored cats deal with on a daily basis.  I never expected a comic strip on the internet to tackle such an important topic in its first few weeks on the internet.  Nonie and Indy are single color cats while Tigey has stripes, much to the chagrin of the other two cats who tease him constantly about not being a solid cat.  What a refreshing change from other cat comic strips that focus on their eating habits and weight problems like Garfield!

            Some of the larger storylines of MOWS span a couple of strips over a few days.  Others are one-shot discussions designed to make you laugh.  I loved the one where Nonie was refusing to allow Tigey access to the water bowl, saying she would cut Tigey if he even tried.  Knowing what that is like thanks to my older brother, I couldnít help but laugh at the memories.

            MOWS is very realistic, portraying cats just as they are, no more, no less.  We are naturally inquisitive which makes the scenes in which Indy and Tigey explore the outside world close to a kittyís heart.  We always want to know whatís going on and why and are inclined to find out for ourselves, much to the chagrin of our humans.  And MOWS doesnít shy away from even the most difficult topics.  Their early issues tackled prejudice among kitties, but more recent issues have tackled death.  Heavy stuff!

            Unfortunately, now that I had really gotten into reading MOWS, I discovered that Jay Dyke stopped creating more strips for the series some time in April of 2010.  I was really captivated by this series, reading every strip in the seven year series in one day and then he just stops!  Are you serious?!  Oh, Max, why didnít you warn me?!  Please, Mr. Dyke, please bring back MOWS, a web comic that was kitty tested and feline approved!


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