Mr. Fix It

Distributed By:  First Look Pictures

Reviewed by Justine Manzano


            Again, I continue my peek into the works of brilliance of my favorite actor, David Boreanaz.  Sometimes they are very good (Bones, These Girls).  Sometimes they are amazingly bad (The Crow: Wicked Prayer).  On this particular adventure, I discovered Mr. Fix It, another straight-to-video release with a familiar plot, which sounded like a waste of my time.  So, I bought it.  Hey, what other choice did I have?  Boreanaz is an incredible choice of eye candy with decent enough acting skills and I canít resist the chances of a bad review, so I gave it a shot. 

            Mr. Fix It follows Lance Valenteen (the aforementioned Boreanaz), a man who runs an interesting little business.  Hereís how it works: a man gets dumped.  Man then hires Lance.  Lance investigates your relationship to determine why it ended in a dumping and then dates the dumper, wins her over, but then turns, becoming way worse than the man who hired him ever could have been.  This way, the dumper goes back to the dumpee, having been sufficiently reminded by Lanceís actions that she couldíve done way worse.  Great service, huh?  Well, itís kind of stupid, but if you can get over that, you can move on to the next stage of the plot.

            Lance is doing this job for two reasons.  For one, he is trying to raise money to soup up his car Ė the one he plans to use to enter and win the local race that he has been dreaming of winning all of his life. The second reason is his firm belief that he canít fall in love.  He doesnít believe he is capable of it, and he wants the guys who do feel it to be able to keep their women. This is why he is blown away when he is put on assignment to woo Sophia (Alana de la Garza, Law & Order). Sophia is the perfect girl for him Ė not afraid of anything, in touch with the child inside of her, and she loves to dance.  She is everything Lance has been looking for in a woman, except for one thing Ė she hates liars.  Now Lance is faced with a choice Ė will he do his job, take his money and get the car of his dreams, or destroy his reputation, lose his job and get the girl of his dreams.  Either way, Lance has got a lot to lose, most especially, his heart.

            Now, on first glance, all I could think when I heard of this movie was Hitch.  But this isnít quite like Hitch.  Itís got a different flavor, and its hero is not quite as likeable.  Boreanaz plays his character with impish glee, and it is a very different role for him.  He is a bit of a sleaze, but you canít help but like him, despite the campiness of the whole thing.  De la Garza is much worse.  She is supposed to play Italian, but her faked accent is terrible.  Also, the plot, which attempts to explain this away, is very hard to believe (although I canít quite say why without ruining the story for you). 

            Despite all these things, I couldnít help but smile throughout most of the movie.  Boreanaz was quite funny as a spaz, and his child trapped in a manís body was endearing.  The end, though cheesy, was moving and there were a few very strong parts throughout.  Still, unless you are a huge fan of Boreanaz or are rich, I wouldnít spend too much money on this flick, no matter how endearing. 



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