Mr. Turner

Musical Score By: Gary Yershon

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The biographical drama Mr Turner style= follows the last quarter century of the life of eccentric British painter J.M.W. Turner style=.  Portrayed by Timothy Spall style=, Mr. Turner travels often, painting style= using various methods, most notably strapping himself to a ship mast style= so he can paint a snowstorm style=.  Both celebrated and reviled by the public and aristocracy style= alike, Turner managed to turn heads with his exploits which is what every artist hopes to do, is it not?

                The musical score of Mr. Turner was created by British composer Gary Yershon style= who actually began his career in film as an actor before becoming a composer for movies, television, radio and theatre.  Credits include the musical scores of Skin Deep style=, Trial & Retribution style=, Happy-Go-Lucky style= and Another Year style=.

                The Mr Turner Soundtrack style= features music from the film, plus bonus music from a short film called A Running Jump style=.  The music of Mr. Turner features a string quintet and a saxophone quartet.  The tracks are mainly string-led and often times the notes are so high as to be screechy.  Thankfully the tracks are short, though numerous (21 tracks belonging to Mr. Turner alone).  The best tracks on the Mr. Turner Soundtrack are the bonus tracks which are mainly jazz, featuring trumpets, conga drums and piano.  So much more of a pleasurable listen than their twenty-one predecessors.

                Quite honestly, I can't really recommend the entire Mr. Turner Soundtrack.  This is one of those albums best enjoyed in pieces.  I recommend downloading select tracks of the album, mainly the bonus tracks.


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