Movie Soundtrack

Munich Soundtrack

Produced by: Decca Records

Music Composed & Conducted By: John Williams

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In September, 1972, the world was absorbed in the second week of events comprising the Summer Olympics taking place in Munich, West Germany.  Without warning, Black September, an extremist Palestinian group, invaded Olympic Village and murdered two members of the Israeli Olympic, making hostages of nine others.  A grueling 21 hours later, the world learned that every hostage member had been killed. 

            Munich, a film directed by Stephen Spielberg, (Indiana Jones, E.T., Into the West, War of The Worlds, Memoirs of a Geisha and more), is about the secretive aftermath following the massacre in Munich.  The film centers around Avner, an Israeli patriot and intelligence officer portrayed by Eric Bana.  Avner is approached by a Mossad officer (played by Geoffrey Rush) who offers Avner an opportunity to take action against those who are believed to have been the masterminds behind the massacre.  Going completely underground, assisted by four other recruits, Avner travels the globe, systematically hunting down and assassinating the members on their list, one by one.  However, doubts begin to attack Avner and his crew, as they begin to wonder whether or not the people they are assassinating are really the people responsible for the murders in Munich. 

            The soundtrack of Munich is composed and conducted by none other than John Williams, composer of the soundtracks of every Star Wars movie, Memoirs of a Geisha, War of the Worlds, Superman, E.T., and Jaws to name just a few.  John Williamsí composition perfectly captures the sorrow of the massacre and its aftermath.  The listener is acutely aware of the pain and anguish of Avner as he struggles with the parameters of his mission and the cries of his conscience.  Especially poignant is the opening track where violins and piano combine with disturbing vocals, supplied by Lisbeth Scott, to set the scene for the massacre at Munich in 1972.  Beautiful in its classical composition and disturbing in its emotional undertones, it is no wonder that the soundtrack received Academy Award recognition, John Williams receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score.

            The Munich Soundtrack is incredibly dark and sorrowful.  The music will not be readily accepted by those with a love for light and airy musical pieces.  However, for those who appreciate a soundtrack that perfectly sets the tone for the storyline of the movie it represents, the soundtrack of Munich is a perfect addition to their collection.


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