Classical Music

Musical Fantasy

Music Composed By: Shie Rozow

Distributed by: 4Tay Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I recently received a copy of Musical Fantasy, the debut Musical Fantasy from Israeli composer, musical editor and music supervisor Shie Rozow.  Beginning with the piano at the age of five, Rozow has had a long love of music which inspired him to learn the technology of music production, the art of music composition and more, culminating in a career working in film, television and multimedia. 

                This classical album represents Rozow stretching his wings and flying into the unknown.  According to Rozow, ďIíve always been drawn to and intimidated by writing for solo instruments.  When writing for a solo instrument or a small chamber group like a string quartet, there is nothing to hide behind. The spotlight is on the singular voice."  He takes on this fear in full stride, creating compositions for solo piano, string quartet, viola and the duet of French Horn and piano. 

                Many of the tracks have a special meaning for the composer.  Fantasia Appassionata was inspired by Alice Herz-Sommer, a prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp whose life was spared thanks to her musical talent.  She was forced to play concerts for soldiers and fellow prisoners during Red Cross visits as positive propaganda used to hide the Nazis' crimes against humanity.  Rozow's solo piano composition was meant as a tribute to her spirit.  Esme's Moon, also a solo piano piece, was inspired by the story of a colleague's daughter who had recently committed suicide Ananke is a special piece for Rozow as well, composed specifically for Brian O'Connor, one of the top French Horn players in Hollywood.  While recording Musical Fantasy, Brian O'Connor was battling brain cancer.  Tragically, he would not live to see the album and his special track released.

                I have a special place in my heart for classical piano and loved the compositions created specifically for classical piano by Shie Rozow.  That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the rest of the album - far from it.  This is a beautifully composed classical album that has a rather soothing effect.  Perfect listening material for those days when you have just returned home from a rough day at work.  Just throw Musical Fantasy into the CD player and all of your troubles will melt away.


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