Reality Television

Must Love Cats

Aired on: Animal Planet

Reviewed by Natasia Minners

            I generally don’t pay much attention to what my human watches on TV.  After all, what she usually likes to watch is boring and, frankly, of no consequence to cats.  But every so often, she turns on Animal Planet, my favorite television station of all time.  It was during one of these occasions that we began watching a show I could really get behind - Must Love Cats.

            The show is hosted by a relatively silly human with extremely good taste.  John Fulton is a singer and songwriter who happens to love animals of the feline persuasion.  In fact, his childhood best friend was a cat called Kitty who used to sleep on his chest every night.  It was during his childhood that Fulton grew to love cats and all things about them.

            On Must Love Cats, Fulton takes us all over America, showing us the various locales that prove that this great country is filled with cat lovers.  And why shouldn’t it be?  But in case you might have doubted that fact, you simply have to watch this show.  You would never believe the ways some of the cats around America are being worshipped. 

            There are numerous cat spas/hotels around where a kitty could get a room featuring their own fireplace, a meal specially cooked and prepared to suit your kitty needs, exercise or, should you not be one to exercise, blissful relaxation time and maybe even a kitty massage.  Did you know that there is a whole town out there that celebrates cats?  They even have statues along the main strip in our honor.  One particular episode took us through a day in the life of a cat show contestant.

            Must Love Cats doesn’t just focus on places that cater to cats or people and towns that worship us.  It also helps educate our humans about certain things like the best cat litter to buy or why cats love catnip so much.  There are also interesting factoids for the humans like why cats kneed and which cats are the most popular.

            Sometimes there are celebrity cats featured on the show.  One such episode featured an interview with Garfield, a cat that has been around the block a bit and had quite a few interesting things to say.  Another episode featured a famous kitty photographer whose photos of his neighborhood and surroundings ended up in an art gallery.  And who can forget the notorious kitty burglar who stalked the neighborhood for interesting things, bringing them home to share with his human?

            Being a musician, John Fulton always finds a way to fit in a song or two about the cats and the interesting places he has visited.  They are often humorous and I wonder how he comes up with this stuff.  I also enjoy the way the various cats react whenever he sings to them.

            Finally, a television show that celebrates everything about the world’s most important species - the cat.  Any human who isn’t hooked after the first episode is simply not a cat lover.  Thus, any self-respecting cat whose human doesn’t allow them to watch this show should get up and walk out immediately.  Must Love Cats has become my favorite show on Animal Planet and I can’t wait for the second season to begin.


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