Live from Mississippi Studios

Artist: My Brothers And I

Produced by: Expunged Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Last year, I was given the opportunity to review the debut album of a Portland, Oregon-based band known as My Brothers and I.  Comprised of brothers David Wurgler (lead vocals), Erik Wurgler (bass and vocals) and Scott Wurgler (drums), and childhood friends Jordan Roach (guitar) and Johnny Ilyin (keys and vocals), their album, Donít Dream Alone, showed the diversity of sound this band could produce, from boy band pop to soulful R&B.  The music found on the album sounded so professional, I felt they were more than worthy of play on mainstream radio and even suggested the use of some of their songs on high profile television series.  In May 2016, the band that impressed me so much in 2015 produced a new EP called Live from Mississippi Studios

                This time around, My Brothers and I decided to stick to R&B love songs.  The first half of the EP is comprised of songs that can be found on Donít Dream Alone, this time performed live.  Waiting For, Nowhere to Run and Fly Away are love songs that speak of a love worth waiting for as well as finding a special place alone with the one you love.  Next up is a cover of Bill Withersí R&B hit Ain't No Sunshine.  Iíve always loved this song and My Brothers and I do a credible cover, worth checking out.  The final song on the EP is Tell Me.  This time around, itís a love gone wrong.  The singer suspects that his woman is cheating on him, but when he confronts her, will she tell him the truth.

                Iím extremely impressed with My Brothers and I.  When I listened to Donít Dream Alone, I marveled at David Wurglerís soulful singing voice and the bandís ability to harmonize so beautifully.  But I assumed that the album was polished by mixing and other methods to help the band sound more professional.  Listening to Live from Mississippi Studios, I realize this band is the real deal, no polishing needed. 

Why am I not hearing their music on mainstream radio?  This is something anyone who listens to the work of My Brother and I will be asking themselves.  Their newest project, Don't Dream Alone Remix EP, will be released by Expunge Records on September 23, 2016, but I recommend checking out the original Donít Dream Alone and Live from Mississippi Studios first.  You wonít be disappointed!


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