My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Distributed By: 20th Century Fox


Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


              I was first interested in seeing this movie in the theaters, but due to complications with budgeting, scheduling and the fact that my wife did not want to see it, I was forced to wait until it came to video.  And then, due to her really not wanting to see it, I was forced to wait until I was home sick and could order it on my cable IO to watch it.  Well, itís been a long wait, but I hereís my review of My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

            The movie follows the Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson), a project manager at a high-paid construction company who has had a bad streak with women.  His friend Vaughn (Rainn Wilson, The Office), pushes him to ask out a stranger with whom they frequent a train ride every morning.  The woman is named Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 1&2), a shy, conservative-looking art curator with a big secret.  After only a few dates, Jenny reveals to Matt that she is actually G-Girl, a popular superhero, empowered many years ago by an errant meteor. 

            It isnít long into the relationship before Matt realizes that Jenny is not quite stable.  Sheís clingy and neurotic, and is insanely jealous, especially of Hannah (Anna Faris, Scary Movie 1-4), Mattís coworker.  It doesnít help that Matt slowly starts to come to terms with his true feelings for Hannah.  Things are further complicated by when G-Girlís nemesis and former classmate, Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard, Oceans Twelve) tries to use Matt to finally get his revenge on G-Girl. 

            So when all these things come to a head, Matt decides to opt out of the relationship with Jenny.  Needless to say, she does not take it well.  What follows is a series of comical acts of revenge as only a super-powered, super-pissed off woman can imagine and execute.  Now Matt is left with a super-villain on his heels and a super-hero in his way to what he really wants.  Can Matt overcome these obstacles before either one can finish him off? 

            Overall, I liked this movie.  It was all that it purported to be and no more than what the title suggested.  If you go into the movie expecting Oscar-award winning dialogue and plot, youíll be disappointed.  This movie is for pure entertainment.  Itís not slap-stick, Scary Movie kind of funny, but it will keep you amused throughout, even if the ending is highly predictable.  So Iíd recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a lighthearted experience without having to deal with a bunch of over-the-top comedic gags thrown at down your throats. 


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