Short Story

Natasia's Note to Grandma

by Melissa Minners

I recently went on a short vacation, leaving my cat in the care of my in-laws.  I came home to discover this note on the counter.  Looks like someone has been using my computer again!


Dear Grandma, 

Mommy  left me all alone so she could go on a stupid vacation.  She said she would be staying at the Windswept Motel at Point Pleasant Beach.

I need food and water!  Who will feed me?!   

My food is in the cabinet on the middle shelf  - a blue/green bag of dry food.  Mommy says I canít have any cans until she gets back.  Otherwise, she says I will throw up hairballs all over the place.  She says not to give me any canned food even if I beg and cry for it.  Sheís mean!   

I may go on a hunger strike for a day or two, but donít worry Ė Iíll eat when Iím hungry.

Please empty and fill my water bowl with cold tap water every day.  Iíll be thirsty with all the whining I plan on doing while Mommy is away. 

Please clean my litter box once each day, because if it fills up I will rebel and pee on the floor.  Hee hee!   

In case I have a real emergency, my new favorite vet is my favorite treats are located on the top shelf.  Feed me lots of them and I'm sure I will recover nicely.


Poor, Lonesome, Neglected Natasia


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