From the Desk of Natasia:

Natasia's Shopping List

by Natasia Minners

              Iíve been noticing that one of my favorite stores has having a sale for all occasions. Petsmart has had a summer sale, an anniversary sale, a spring sale and so on. My humans have been pretty good about purchasing things from these sales, but the latest Petsmart sale is very important and I have composed a shopping list for them just in case they might forget something I need (perish the thought!).

Things I Need From the Petsmart Back to School Sale (AKA: Fall Sale)

1. A scratch pad - pretty self explanatory

2. Fancy Feast Canned Cat Food for mealtimes - a full kitty is a content kitty who will be capable of learning so much more this school year

3. Spoons or catlery for my Fancy Feast Canned Food

4. Temptations Treats - to snack on during cramming sessions

5. Feather toy - for exercise and health

6. Catnip bubbles for science project

7. New bed for dorm room

8. Fresh Step Scoopable - a kitty needs her toilet paper to keep her fresh

9. Catnip - a little nip goes a long way



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