Short Story

Natasia Sees A Therapist - Part 2

by Melissa Minners

Therapist: Welcome back, Natasia.

Natasia: Merrow.

Therapist: How have things been working out between you and your <ahem> love interest?

Natasia: Mreow, Momís beginning to accept him a bit more.  Iíve actually been allowed to stay over his place at night quite often lately.

Therapist: Excellent.

Natasia: Mreh, I really enjoy his company.  Heís not much of a conversationalist, but he is quite comfortable to be around.

Therapist: Good to see that things havenít turned stuffy between you two <chuckle>.

Natasia: Are you laughing at me?!  HISS!  Donít think I didnít catch that stuffed animal reference!  My Nuzzle is the plush love of my life!  Heís a TY Classic Ė his dog tag even says so! 

Therapist: Okay.  Calm down.  I didnít mean to upset you. 

Natasia: Anyways, thatís not why I came back.  I have an issue that doesnít concern my puppy love.

Therapist: Oh?  What seems to be the problem?

Natasia:  My owner wants to send me to C.F.A.A.

Therapist: Iím sorry, but Iím not familiar with that acronym.

Natasia: Hiss!  Canned Food Addicts Anonymous.

Therapist: I see.

Natasia: She says Iím addicted to canned food.

Therapist: Why would she think this way?

Natasia: Mreow if I know. 

Therapist: Well, letís seeÖDoes the sound of a can opener get you overly excited?

Natasia: Mreh, but no more than any other cat.

Therapist: Do you run into the kitchen every time you hear a cabinet door opening?

Natasia: Mreow, I run in there every time someone walks into the kitchen, just in case they feel like sharing.

Therapist: Do you wake your human up at strange hours of the day just to get her to open a can for you?

Natasia: Iím an early riser!! 

Therapist: I see.  One moment please.  <reaches into desk drawer and fiddles with something>


Natasia: Mreow!!  I heard that!

Therapist: Heard what?

Natasia: Mreow!!  You have a can!!

Therapist: Oh no, I was just opening a soda.

Natasia: Mreow!!  I know itís a can!!  Give me some!  Give me some!!!  Mreow, mreow, mreow, mreow, mreow!!!!!

Therapist: And you say that your mother is way off about your addiction to canned food?

Natasia: Mreow!! Give me that can!!  I have claws and I know how to use them, Sister!!  Iíll drive you nuts with my cat call!!  I do the best impression of an annoying car alarm!!   Mreow, mreow, mreow, mreow, mreowÖ..

Therapist: <sigh> Maybe human therapy wasnít so bad after all.

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