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Natasia's Cat Toy Review 2012

by Natasia Minners

            It’s that time of the year again - that time when the humans stuff themselves with that heavenly bird known as the turkey.  Then they rush out and come home with loads of bags filled with gifts for other humans.  But do they remember to bring offerings for the cats in their lives?  Well, I’m here to ensure that they do!

            Since my last cat toy review, quite a few new kitty toys have hit the market.  Being a ghost writer, I don’t have much opportunity to test them out, so I have enlisted the aide of the newest member of the household, Chloe, to test out all of the new toys I hope will make it into cats’ Christmas stockings and under the tree this year.

            One of Chloe’s favorite new cat toys is of the chirping bird variety, specifically a parrot with feathers by Petlinks.  Coming in two different colors - red or blue - and featuring a chirp that sounds just like a real bird and awesome tantalizing feathers at its rear, this toy makes for a fantastic gift for the hunting kitty.  Chloe loves to throw it up in the air and hunt it down.  Other cool chirping toys include squeaking mice and chirping birds by Play-N-Squeak.  There’s even a mouse that squeaks and lights up, adding to nighttime fun.

            Da Bird is too enticing for words.  A fishing rod of sorts attached to a string with a set of feathers on the end that will soar like a real bird and make enticing noises, Da Bird will teach your kitty hunting skills and work on their acrobatic talents as well.  You can even get other attachments for Da Bird, but be forewarned: if you have an especially rambunctious kitty, the string may not be strong enough.

            There are a bunch of new mice out there that kitty will enjoy, but Chloe’s favorite is the Hartz Just For Cats Bell Mouse.  Made of a ropy material, each mouse is shaped like a ball with ears and whiskers and features a ropy tail with a bell at the end.  The mouse itself also rattles.  While the toy is a whole lot of fun, humans should really remove the bells from the tails as they are usually not attached well and could present a choking hazard for kitty.

            If you want a dual purpose toy - one that both grooms and is fun to play with, there are the Petstages dental toys.  These toys come in varying shapes and sizes and are made of a soft material with catnip inside, surrounded by some sort of netting.  Chewing on these toys will clean your teeth and swatting them makes some interesting noises.  There is even on that comes in mint for refreshing breath.  The Petlinks Seagrass Scratcher is another fun toy that serves a dual purpose.  This ramp is covered in seagrass and who knew that sea grass would be so much fun to scratch.  Plus, who doesn’t want to keep those nails sharp…and the catnip - to die for!

            Puzzle toys are a way to have fun while exercising the brain.  The Peek-A-Prize Toy Box is a sturdy wood toy featuring a number of holes.  Inside this box of wonders are balls of varying shapes and sizes.  Just stick your paw in and try to get the balls out of the box…or, once you figure out how to get things out, stick other toys in like those round mice by Hartz.

            For those football fans out there, believe it or not, us cats would love to play football with you.  Nerf footballs make a fun toy for kitties, especially since they roll so interestingly and are so soft when pounced on.  Just make sure that those rambunctious kitties don’t eat the spongy soft stuff.

            Now, I am perfectly aware that there are some kitty households where money is tight or where the humans are in a “green” phase.  No problem!  Shoelaces are loads of fun.  So are strips of cardboard - firm, not flimsy.  Rolled up paper bags, toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls will provide chasing fun for hours.  A decent box is also a fun toy, great for playing hide and seek or snuggling up in for a nap.

            So, if you are a human looking for a great toy for that special kitty in your life or a kitty who needs to give a staff member a hint about a great toy for the holidays, you should find at least one or two things worth bringing home in this review.  Each of these suggestions are Chloe tested, Natasia approved!

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