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Natasia's Year in Review: 2011

by Natasia Minners

            It’s that time of the year again – that time when silly humans make promises they know that they will never keep.  New Year’s Resolutions, they call ‘em.  Now, as fur me, since I started making these things called resolutions, I’ve kept every single one and this coming year it will be a whole lot easier to do so.

            2011 was a rough year.  It started off okay, but things went downhill rather quickly.  I did manage to keep the two resolutions I made last year though.  I tripped my human nonstop and did one better on that resolution by tripping everyone who came by to visit as well.  And every single time my human sat down to enjoy a hot beverage, I not only sat in her lap, I curled up in it, sometimes resting my head on her hand so she had no way to get to her beverage at all.

            Unfortunately, I kept having medical issues this year and thus, had to keep going to that vet person.  The people in the office are really nice and seemed genuinely happy to see me each time I came, but most of us kitties have no use for the vet…except the new occupant of this home, but she’s fairly weird, so she doesn’t count.  I even somewhat liked the doctors but don’t tell them I said so. 

            Anyways, apparently, sometime during the year, I crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I don’t remember doing so, but that new crazy kitten told me I did.  She even had the nerve to ask me why I was still hanging around.  Because, you young whippersnapper, this is my home and that’s my human and I have every right to be here, that’s why! 

            And so, I have made some new resolutions for 2012, all of which should be a lot of fun:

1. I will do more writing – I have already begun my new job as Ghostwriter and am getting along famously.  If my human never looks back at her reviews of media involving animals, she will never notice the commentaries I have added.

2. I will haunt the young one.  I have already begun this task as well, chasing her around the house and making her chase me up onto things the human doesn’t want her on, like the table…or inside the Christmas tree.  I have also learned how to knock things over in this state, which will serve me well in the future…seems almost unfair to make her take all the blame…heh, heh, heh.

3. I will continue to gain access to my Fancy Feast…well, okay, it’s Chloe’s Fancy Feast and, as yet, I can’t figure out how to eat it, but boy is it easy to get into the cabinets now that I can walk through things.

4. I will plant thoughts in my human’s mind about what she should be reviewing on this site – books and movies about kitties like myself may come up quite often.

5. I will teach this kitten new tricks to keep my human on her toes and wondering where Chloe learned all of these things, like jumping on her lap just when she is ready to sip a steaming hot cup of cocoa

            Once again, I wish you and all of your loved ones a very Happy New Year.  May your treats be plentiful, may your water dish never be empty and may your food dish overflow.


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