New Moon

Written by: Stephenie Meyer

Published By: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            Bella and Edward are back in New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, along with some interesting new characters - werewolves.  After a birthday scare with Jasper at the Cullen house, Edward visits Bella to say that his family has moved and he was leaving with them.  Bella is completely stunned and distraught over the news.  It is a very depressed and brokenhearted Bella that Jacob Black visits and fast becomes friends with.

            Jacob Black is from the La Push Reservation and Bella’s father has been friends with Jake’s father since Bella was an infant.  Jacob agrees to help Bella repair some motorcycles in her quest for thrill seeking.  They become joined at the hip, spending more and more time together. 

            Then, for no apparent reason, Jacob stops seeing Bella.  She doesn’t hear from him at all until one night when he visits her through her bedroom window.  Jacob challenges Bella to remember a story he told her at the beach one day and figure out why he hasn’t been around.  Bella remembers the story and confronts Jacob with the knowledge that he is a werewolf.  Despite this new knowledge, Bella is determined to continue her friendship with Jacob. 

            Everything comes full circle when Bella’s thrill seeking takes her cliff diving and she almost drowns.  Edward’s sister, Rosalie, leads him to believe that Bella is dead.  At the shock of the news, Edward heads out on a suicide mission to provoke the Volturi (vampire royalty) into killing him.  Alice, another sister, discovers Rosalie’s deception and enlists Bella’s aide in stopping Edward before he is killed.

            New Moon was once again a really nice surprise and totally not what I expected.  The character development was so good, I think other writers could learn a lot from Stephenie Meyer’s example.  She is truly a master at allowing the soul of the character to shine through.  If you liked the first book of the Twilight saga, don’t miss out on reading New Moon.


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