Music Composed By: James Newton Howard

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the thriller Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal is Lou Bloom, a former thief whose theft of a video camera offers up an idea for legitimate employment.  Lou becomes a stringer, a freelance cameraman filming various incidents and crimes and selling his footage for big bucks.  But when the line blurs between filming the crimes and becoming a part of the incident, will Lou's nightcrawling get him into deeper waters than he is willing to tread?

            The musical score of Nightcrawler was created by American composer, conductor, music producer and musician James Newton Howard.  Coming from a musical family, James Newton Howard studied music as a child, taking classical piano lessons at the age of four.  Leaving college, he joined a rock band and then went on to do session work with such well-known artists as Diana Ross, Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson.  He eventually became a member of Elton John's band, playing keyboards through the 1970s and 80s.  He began composing music for film in the mid-1980s and has had quite a successful composing career with award nominations and wins for notable films like Defiance, Michael Clayton, The Village, My Best Friend's Wedding, Blood Diamond, King Kong, Maleficent, The Hunger Games, Salt, The Bourne Legacy, Gnomeo and Juliet and more.

            The music of Nightcrawler is a mix of electronic and conventional instruments.  The electronic sounds give the score an edgy style, perfectly accentuating the danger and adrenaline elements involved in nightcrawling.  The use of strings adds a dramatic element to the score.  The dark undertones are perfect for this film, reminding us that Lou is putting himself in extreme danger to film these crime scenes, sometimes while they are still in progress.  The fast-paced percussions remind us of the adrenaline rush that doing something dangerous offers up.

            The Nightcrawler Soundtrack features music that perfectly enhances the visual movie experience, but I'm not quite sure that it makes a great stand alone album.  Fans of the film will definitely want to get their hands on this soundtrack though, featuring over an hours worth of edgy scoring that will remind them of various scenes in the film. 


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