Beyond the New Jedi Order

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Being a huge Star Wars fan means that you are always on the lookout for exciting new websites jammed pack with information about your favorite characters.  While searching for such sites, I came across something new that piqued my interest: Beyond the New Jedi Order.          

            Beginning as a website dedicated to the New Jedi Order storyline, the site has expanded to include all storylines taking place after the Yuuzhan Vong were defeated.  While other sites do their best to follow the entire storyline from start to finish, Beyond the New Jedi Order has a focus that I can completely understand.  The New Jedi Order storyline set the Star Wars universe on its proverbial ear.  It was a catalyst for change in the Star Wars universe and therefore the perfect time period to place your focus.

            Still in the process of building up the site, the creators of Beyond the New Jedi Order have still done an admirable job.  The site offers quite a bit of information about the New Jedi Order, the Dark Nest, the Legacy of the Force and the Fate of the Jedi eras.  Visitors can read summaries of all of the books set in these eras to date, breakdowns of battles taking place in these eras, character summaries, and summaries of featured governments, weapons and more. 

            Also featured on the site are interviews with authors, fan fiction, a timeline and news about authors, upcoming series and more.  Members can sign up to participate in the forum where you can discuss all things Star Wars and some things not Star Wars.  Everyone in the forum is pleasant and fairly knowledgeable about the Star Wars universe.  While some forums can be rather uninviting, I have found my experiences on this forum to be rather enjoyable and fairly interactive.

            Fans of the New Jedi Order series and all of the books and comics that have come to fruition since should visit Beyond the New Jedi Order.  If not to discuss the events taking place in the novels, find out whatís coming next or glean further insight into some of the action taking place, then to sign up to help out.  Since the site came into fruition, Beyond the New Jedi Order has been actively campaigning to get more writers on board to expand the already voluminous coffers of information supplied there. 

            Iíve been enjoying my stay at Beyond the New Jedi Order for a couple of years now and have no doubt that any Star Wars fan who has been keeping up with the Expanded Universe would definitely find this site useful, informative and quite enjoyable to boot.  Visit Beyond the New Jedi Order today and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!


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