Fan Fiction


No Kill Policy

by Melissa Minners

Disclaimer and Other Information:  It should be noted that all of the characters and many of the locales in this fan fiction are not mine.  They are owned by The WB.  This fan fiction is somewhat of an homage to the series, though I have used a little liberty here with events.  The story takes place some time after Love and Betrayal, so if you haven't read that particular fanfic, I suggest you do before reading this one.  Warning: Parts of this fanfic may be highly graphic at times. Reader's discretion is advised. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Three

          Reese paced impatiently outside the New Gotham Police Headquarters. It had been over a week since the Scudder murder. Over a week since Nico Sylvestri had taken out Mickey Fascow, the only witness to the murder. Reese shook his head as he replayed the events of that night. Sylvestri had gotten the drop on him good, killing Fascow and almost killing Reese, had Huntress not been there. She'd saved his life again. Some day, he would find a way to even the score with her. Right now, he'd just settle for catching this creep Sylvestri.

          "You rang?" Huntress asked, startling Jesse out of his thoughts. Dinah was with her. The two had been patrolling the streets non-stop looking for Sylvestri without any luck. Reese hoped that the information he was about to give them would up the ante a bit.

          "I have something for you." He handed Helena a slip of paper. "Those are five of the most vocal opponents to Sylvestri's take-over."

          "Where did you get this?" Huntress asked, as she handed the paper to Dinah. "I thought nobody was talking."

          Jesse looked pained as he answered, "I went to see Dad."

          Dinah looked up, eyes flashing. "You went to see Al Hawke?!"

          "It was all I could think of. We have nothing, Dinah. No witnesses. No way to find Sylvestri. I had no choice."

          "What did you have to give him in exchange?!" Dinah asked, her voice trembling in anger.

          "Nothing." She looked as if she didn't believe him. He couldn't blame her. Jesse had been certain his father would ask for something in return for the information, but Al Hawke had muttered something about the ingrate that tried to kill his son. Hawke hadn't minded that Sylvestri was trying to take over the organization while Hawke was behind bars. That is, until now - now, it was personal.

          Huntress laid a hand on Dinah's shoulder. She understood the young girl's anger - Hawke had killed her mother after all. But Hawke was in prison and Nico Sylvestri was still at large. "Now's not the time to argue over Al Hawke. We have to get these names back to Oracle."


          There she was, Nico thought. I knew watching the cop would pay off. But who was that kid with her. Nico watched his prey, concealed in the shadow of the alley across the street as the cop handed the raven-haired woman a piece of paper. Huntress. Nico had done some research on this lady. She was a tough character from what he had heard. Had taken a few of his associates out over the years.

          But the blonde kid...he had no idea who that was.

          Cute little thing, he thought.

          He could barely hear what was being said between the trio until the blonde kid started freaking out about Al Hawke.

          And feisty, too!

          He watched as Huntress calmed the girl down. They each set off in a different direction. He watched as Huntress jumped effortlessly to the rooftop of a nearby three-story building, then leaped to the roof of the seven-story building beside it. He decided he'd follow the kid instead.


          Huntress stood propped up against a light post, a block away from the Clocktower. She knew Dinah had to come down this street in the Hummer, and she wanted to talk to her before they got to the Clocktower. Once they gave those names to Oracle, it would be non-stop work from there. The Hummer came into view a moment later and skidded to a halt beside Huntress.

          "You know, you drive entirely too fast," Huntress teased.

          "We're on a tight schedule, right?" came the overly sarcastic reply.
Huntress had been right, Dinah was still fuming over Jesse going to see Al Hawke. She climbed into the passenger seat of the Hummer.

          "Dinah, Jesse had no choice. He had to try to get some information from Hawke. There just wasn't any other option."

          "I know." Dinah looked down at her hands. "It's just...every time I hear his name...I know he's in prison, paying for what he did to her, but?" Dinah's voice hitched.

          Huntress reached out a hand to smooth the back of Dinah's hair. "I know, kid." She leaned over and rested her head against Dinah's. "I know."

          That was interesting, Nico thought as he watched from afar. The kid means something to her.

          After a couple of minutes, the Hummer moved off down the street, but Nico decided not to follow. He had a plan - a way to get back at Huntress for getting in his way, for becoming his enemy. He smiled wickedly as he thought of how much he was going to enjoy his revenge.


          Dinah ducked as Benjamin "Benny" Narno approached the window of the near-empty bar. The girl sighed in relief as he stepped away from the window and headed toward the rear table he'd been occupying for almost two hours. She hoped Huntress and Reese were having a better time watching over their potential victims.

          Oracle had run the names that Jesse had gotten through the Delphi Monitor and had narrowed the list down to three. Two of the people on the list had turned up dead moments before. So, they divided the three remaining names between Huntress, Dinah, and Reese. So far, she'd followed Narno from bar to bar. There seemed no end in sight as Narno chugged down drink after drink with his "work associates". Dinah wrinkled her nose in disgust. Protecting murderers and thugs from another murderous thug was not what she had signed up for.

          Narno stood again, this time heading for the door of the bar as the bartender made preparations to close for the night. Dinah stepped back into the shadows of the alley beside the bar. Nico was behind her, waiting. He swung a two-by-four into her back, the force propelling her forward, causing her to strike her head on the brick wall. As she sank to the floor, Dinah heard the distant sound of a man's laughter. Then, the world went black.



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