Nobody Walks

Composed By: Fall On Your Sword

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the dramatic independent film, Nobody Walks, Olivia Thirlby is Martine, a twenty-three year old artist who moves in with a family in the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles.  While living in the family’s pool house, Martine works on completing her artistic film.  At the urging of his wife (Rosemarie DeWitt), Peter (John Krisinksi) agrees to help his family’s guest in recording sound for her film.  What begins as an innocent working relationship becomes something completely different when Peter finds himself developing a crush on his coworker.  As it turns out, the entire family finds themselves changed by the arrival of Martine, whose impulsive nature inspires others around her to act impulsively as well.  Can this family survive the arrival of the artistic Martine?

                The musical score of Nobody Walks was created by Fall on Your Sword, a multimedia composing entity founded by Will Bates and Philip Mossman.  Originally from London, the two artists met in Brooklyn, New York where they now live and record and have gained recognition as a rising force in the world of feature films. The duo has composed musical scores for such notable films as Aardvark, Another Earth, Lola Versus and The Normals.

                The music created by Fall on Your Sword starts off in very upbeat style, representing Martine’s upbeat, impulsive and free lifestyle.  The music is modern and rock inspired, featuring electric guitars and synths mixed with violas and heavy on percussion.  But as the family begins to explore their inner fantasies and their ability to make these fantasies a reality, the music becomes more intense.  As the members of the family realize that acting out their fantasies threatens to tear apart all they hold dear, the music becomes more serious – more somber. 

                I enjoyed the Nobody Walks Soundtrack.  The music is modern and exciting, intense and emotional.  It tells the story of Peter, Julie and their children and the effect Martine has on their life as a family…a life that they had always thought was quite enough for them until Martine’s arrival.  The music created by Fall on Your Sword isn’t just a great accompaniment to the visuals of the film, it makes a great stand alone album for anyone with an interest in modern musical composition.


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