No Good Deed

Composed By: Paul Halsinger

Distributed by: Madison Gate Records, Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the thriller No Good Deed, Idris Elba is recently escaped convict Colin Evans.  Colin, who had been serving a prison term for a manslaughter crime in which he killed one man and five women, is back to his murderous ways, stalking his former fiancée Alexis (Kate del Castillo) and killing her upon discovering she has been with another man.  Shortly afterwards, he approaches the home of Terri Granger (Taraji P. Henson), a wife and mother of two, home alone with her children, seeking help after crashing his fan.  She kindly offers assistance and is repaid in the most horrific way possible.  Now, Terri finds herself fighting for her life and the life of her children as Colin terrorizes her family.

                The musical score of No Good Deed was created by Austrian composer Paul Halsinger.  Classically trained in Salzburg and Vienna, Haslinger expanded his musical knowledge by studying electronica as well.  Joining the pioneering group Tangerine Dream in 1985, he released four albums and collaborated on numerous film projects over five years. After leaving Tangerine Dream, Haslinger became a programmer for composer Graeme Revel, working on films like Blow, The Negotiator, Tomb Raiderand more. In 2000, Haslinger composed the musical score for Cheaters. Since then, he has worked on scores for Crazy/Beautiful, Blue Crush, Into the Blue, The Italian Job, Crank and every Underworld film in the series.

                First, I must mentioned that I listened to the No Good Deed Soundtrack during a dark and rainy morning.  I expected a bit of a horror style soundtrack, considering that Colin likes to kill, but I was surprised.  There was really no spook factor at all except for the high pitched string strokes.  The rest of the score is an orchestral adrenaline rush, featuring an action movie sound and a sense of grim determination on the part of Colin as he stalks his prey and on the part of Terri as she attempts to survive and escape Colin's clutches.  I loved the percussion beats which sounded like the heavy beats of a heart.

                While I would probably not purchase the No Good Deed Soundtrack if I saw it on the shelves in a music store, I can not deny that Paul Halsinger created an excellent musical accompaniment to the film.  I enjoyed imagining all that may have been happening visually during each track on the album.  An interesting listen, just not something I would want to add to my soundtrack collection.


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