Movie Soundtrack

No Reservations

Performed By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Decca Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Intense and orderly Master Chef Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is used to everything going perfect for her.  She expects her life to be just as orderly as she runs her kitchen at a trendy restaurant in Manhattan.  She is both intimidating and captivating to al those around her…until she meets a brash new chef (Aaron Eckhart) who has just joined her kitchen staff.  Add to the disturbance to her professional life, her home life is thrown askew when she inherits her nine-year-old niece Zoe (Abigail Breslin).  As her entire life turns upside down, Kate discovers that the chaos may be something worth investigating a bit more closely…even to the point of embracing the madness.  Thus is the storyline of the Warner Bros. picture, No Reservations.

            The soundtrack of No Reservations, released by Decca Records, is a mixture of both classic and contemporary music.  Smooth, satin-voiced Michael Buble sings a remake of Sway in a performance that is a perfect homage to that of the original classic performed by Dean Martin.  Opera fans will swoon to the powerfully masterful vocals of Luciano Pavarotti who is featured in not one, but three separate tracks.  In fact, this soundtrack is an opera-lovers dream with arias performed by Pavarotti, Renata Tebaldi, Joan Sutherland, Carlo Bergonzi and Joseph Calleja.  My favorite performances are that of O Mio Babbino Caro by Tebaldi and La Donna E ‘Mobile by Calleja.  The soundtrack is powerfully cultured and thus, although I liked the song Count On My Love by Liz Phair, I wondered exactly why it would be included, albeit at the end of the soundtrack.  The song, although enjoyable, just seemed to “pop-ish” to belong in a soundtrack that commands such an elegant flair.

            All-in-all, the soundtrack of No Reservations is extremely enjoyable and one that opera fans will be more than happy to add to their vast collections.  I, myself, am not a huge opera fan, yet I found this soundtrack to be quite soothing and a perfect addition to my eclectic music shelf.


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