Artist: Linda Eder

Produced by: Sony Masterworks

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Linda Eder’s career began to soar after winning twelve consecutive weeks on Star Search in 1987.  From there it was on to a leading role as Lucy Harris in Jekyll & Hyde for which she was nominated for a Drama Desk Award.  She launched her recording career in 1991 and she never looked back.  During the early years of her singing career, Linda Eder met Frank Wildhorn, an American composer best known for the very musical Linda starred in - Jekyll & Hyde - and for writing Where Do Broken Hearts Go?, a song that Whitney Houston launched to the top of the charts in the late 1980s.  Linda and Frank married in 1998, but parted ways in 2004.  A little over six years later, the two have reunited to create a new album set to hit the record stores on March 1, 2011.  The title of the album is Now.

            The music featured on Now features musical composition by Frank Wildhorn, lyrics by various artists, all beautifully performed by Linda Eder.  Whether singing a whimsical song full of soul searching, a fun and bouncy pop number, or an incredibly romantic ballad, Linda Eder’s voice is definitely up to the task.  Throughout her career, she has proven that she can handle all sorts of musical genre including Broadway musicals , pop, jazz, country and more.  Now showcases that ability.

            The very first thought that entered my mind as I listened to the first track of the album, Not Gonna Fall This Time, was that Linda Eder sounded incredibly like another accomplished star of song and stage, Barbara Streisand.  I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind as I listened to Linda vow never to go down the romantic road again until she meets a man who finally changes her mind.  The song sounded very Broadway to me and I was surprised to discover that it had not been used in a Broadway or Off-Broadway show.  In fact, I was surprised to learn that none of the songs on this twelve-track album were ever used in a musical.  They are all perfect for the Broadway stage.

            They are also incredibly catchy - I found myself singing along with Linda…however faulty my voice sounded along with hers…on only my second listen.  By the third listen, I knew most of the songs by heart.  That’s right, I enjoyed Now so much that I listened to it numerous times and each time found the album just as enjoyable as the first. 

            Having never watched Star Search and unfortunately never seen the Jekyll and Hyde musical, I can honestly say that Now has sold me on Linda Eder’s voice.  I can’t wait to hear more from this accomplished singer and her beautiful singing voice.


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