Movie Soundtrack

Ocean's Thirteen

Composed by: David Holmes

Produced by: Warner Bros. Records


Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When ruthless casino owner Willy Banks (Al Pacino) double-crossed Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), he never imagined that there would be hell to pay for his actions.  Tishkoff protťgť Danny Ocean (George Clooney) doesnít take kindly to people who hurt his friends.  Seeking revenge for the loss of his mentor, Danny Ocean plots a scheme to destroy Willy Banks on the opening night of his new casino, The Bank.  Thus begins the third installment of the Danny Ocean films entitled Oceanís Thirteen.

            The success of the soundtracks of the first two movies, Oceanís Eleven and Oceanís Twelve, dictated that only one composer would be right for composing the score of Oceanís Thirteen Ė Northern Ireland-born David Holmes.  As a young boy of 15, Holmes began his music career as a DJ in Belfast Ireland.  By the 1990ís, he had released a few albums of his own, including the critically acclaimed This Filmís Crap: Letís Slash the Seats.  He soon became an in-demand producer and re-mixer working with artists such as U2, Primal Scream and Ice Cube.  Holmes first began working with movie producer Steven Soderbergh when he scored the music for the movie Out of Sight.  It was after composing this musical score that he was selected to do Oceanís Eleven and history was made.

            Taking place in Lass Vegas, the film has a flashy style and the soundtrack of Oceanís Thirteen reflects this perfectly without going overboard.  The soundtrack has a definite 70ís jazz feel complete with horns and bongo drums that accentuate the action and fun represented by the Oceanís trilogy.  The tracks are short but plentiful Ė 20 tracks in all.  There is even a song by Frank Sinatra (the original Danny Ocean in the 1960 version of the movie) that brings us back to the era of the original Oceanís series.  The jazzy beat of This Town and the crooning vocals of Sinatra perfectly illustrate the sleek, yet flashy faÁade that is Las Vegas.

            The Oceanís Thirteen Soundtrack is terrific fun for any music lover.  Jazz aficionados will be very pleased with David Holmesí composition for this film.  All-in-all, a terrific piece of work that could easily sell as a stand alone album.


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