Pop / Easy Listening

On Broadway

Artist: David Campbell

Produced by: Masterworks Broadway

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            An Australian sensation, when David Campbell began his career in the 1990s, his primary interest was acting.  However, in 1997, when he starred in a major revival of Le Miserables in Sydney, it was clear that he was more than just an actor.  This man could sing!  Moving to New York and starting his own cabaret show, Campbell drew major crowds.  Eventually, he returned to Australia, but his work is world-renowned.  In April 2010, Masterworks Broadway released David Campbell’s latest album, On Broadway.

            In On Broadway, David Campbell puts his own spin on some of the most recognized songs ever performed on a Broadway stage.  He takes on music from some of the greats like Rogers and Hammerstein, Peter Allen, Stephen Sondheim, Frank Loesser and more.  We’ve all heard these songs before - Hello Dolly, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Bring Him Home, Luck Be A Lady and more - but we’ve never heard them sung like this.  David Campbell has his own unique vision of these songs. 

            Some would say that taking on timeless classics and trying to make them your own is a dangerous venture.  People who are fans of these songs may scoff at your attempt and turn up their nose at your vision.  However, David Campbell pays appropriate homage to these songs, acknowledging what made the songs popular in the first place and only adding a bit of flare in his performance.  His voice is strong and captivating - it’s no wonder he has done well in the cabaret scene as he is such a strong performer in the vocals department.

            Fans of Broadway will also enjoy the arrangement of these songs.  The layout of this compilation is such that it tells a story.  Opening with an Overture which is a mini-mix of each song found on the album is genius as it reminds us of the opening of every Broadway musical we’ve ever been to.  Following that is Oh What a Beautiful Morning which opens up the day in a life this album seems to describe.  Each progressive track seems to describe yet another moment in this individual’s life until we reach the ending tracks, Goodbye and Some Other Time, which perfectly close the “show.”

            In my opinion, David Campbell has a tremendous hit on his hands with On Broadway.  Any Broadway fan would be more than happy with this album.  David Campbell’s voice is amazing and his performance on each and every track is strong and extremely enjoyable.  There was a very large smile on my face as the album closed and I couldn’t help but press that play button again and listen to the whole thing all over again.  Anyone who is a fan of Broadway musicals must get their hands on On Broadway by David Campbell for their collection - they won’t be disappointed.  As for me, since listening to this album, I have become a David Campbell fan for life!


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