Rock / Metal Meets Rap / Hip-Hop

One Day Left

Artist: One Day Left

Produced by: Warren Riker and Matt Hyde

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



            In 2002, six men came together with the idea to turn the music world on its ear.  They called themselves One Day Left and they are well on their way to making that happen.  The band members met via newspaper ads and discovered that each person had the same goal to make their mark on the music scene.  To that end, they brought together two incredibly diverse sounds and created a new, daring, incredibly hard-hitting mix.  Think rock/metal meets rap/hip-hop and youll get my meaning.  The idea has been tried by bands before Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and more but somehow, these bands lacked the harsh, raw component that One Day Left has created.

            From the first note, One Day Lefts music hits you like a tidal wave, slamming you head on, sucking you in and under and immersing you in a new sound that shakes you to the core.  Singers Traz and Kode Blue are experts at moving the crowd and keeping them pumped with hardcore lyrics and intensity.  One Day Left as a whole brings excitement and energy to every performance.  One cannot listen to this band without feeling that energy course through them, waking them up from the deep slumber known as everyday radio. 

            Perhaps the best way to learn about One Day Left is to listen to their song, Prophecy.  The band goes in depth about their new brand of music what they term in the song as Gansta Rock, the future music.  What do they say to their haters This is future music, get used to it.  Aint nobody you know do it quite like we do it.  So, for all of you folks out there looking for something new and innovative to listen to, check out the most successful marriage of metal and hip-hop to date.  Get the name right - its One Day Left - and Im gonna rock til Im on my last breath!


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