The One I Love

Music Composed By: Danny Bensi and Sander Jurriaans

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the psychological thriller, The One I Love, Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss are Ethan and Sophie, a troubled couple who seek the help of a marriage counselor (Ted Danson).  Seeking to reconnect the couple through rejuvenation, their counselor sends them to a retreat at a large secluded estate.  While there, the couple make a discovery that can potentially make or break their marriage. 

            The musical score of The One I Love was created by the composing team of Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans.  Bensi is an internationally raised cellist and composer.  Jurriaans is a self-trained musician who worked with a few pick-up bands before reconnecting with high school friend Bensi.  Forming the rock band Priestbird, the two spent six years recording and touring.  By 2010, Bensi and Jurriaans decided to venture into film scoring.  They began with Two Gates of Sleep and have since composed music for such notable films as Magic Magic, Bluebird, Enemy, A Good Marriage and The Last Days in the Desert

            The music found on The One I Love Soundtrack was unusual to say the least.  It begins on a happier note with The Arrival, a mainly piano and guitar track that represents the beauty of the retreat the couple is sent to.  The score becomes increasingly dark as the two become entangled in the strange and undeniably dangerous, with low registry tones and percussion performed on a number of odd instruments.  According to Jurriaans, "There’s a lot of percussion.‎ The day we started on the film we built this kind of junk drum set in our studio, which was like a drum set but it had all these weird ethnic instruments."  Bensi adds, "Wood blocks and an old cymbal and a cowbell on it. It was from like the ’40s. Vintagey and weird, clangy and clinky."

            It was this strange blend of instruments and ominous undertones that led me to check out the film's trailer, which only slightly lets you in on the storyline.  After more delving, I learned the real nature of the film and discovered that this unusual blend of regular instruments and created sounds actually represents the events of the movie quite well.  There is an air of mystery and suspense that is heightened by the music. 

            As a stand alone album...well, I'm not quite how many people will actually spend their hard-earned money on it, but as an accompaniment to o The One I Love's storyline, the score is simply perfect and Bensi and Jurriaans deserve kudos for their work.


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