One World, One Heart

Written by: Susan Polis Schutz

Designed & Illustrated By: Stephen Schutz

Published By: Blue Mountain Arts

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



            Some time ago, a friend sent me a poetry book, knowing just how much I enjoy reading and writing poetry.  Having read the book cover to cover, I find myself wanting to get my hands on numerous copies – to distribute the book to all that I know, so they can share in the experience.

            Blue Mountain Arts company co-founder Susan Polis Schutz grew up in Peekskill, New York.  It is no surprise that the events of September 11, 2001 would deeply affect her.  Seeking solace in her writing, Schutz produce a multitude of poetry preaching understanding, peace and tolerance.  These works were compiled into One World, One Heart, published by Blue Mountain Arts, and distributed free of charge in an effort to promote the author’s message worldwide. 

            Throughout the poetry found in One World, One Heart, one message is abundantly clear – we are all a part of the same world and yet we can barely tolerate one another.  Schutz entreats us to look at one another with understanding; to overcome the boundaries that separate us.  She urges her readers to look past our differences and study our similarities.  Readers are reminded that love can conquer hate and that only through love will we ever become one with one another.  Each poem is accompanied by beautifully colorful pictures that accent each line of poetry lending power to the words and their meaning.

            The beauty of the poetry, the simplicity of the wording and the colorful illustrations combine to create a powerful message to all who will read this book.  I find that Blue Mountain Arts’ idea of distributing the book freely to spread the author’s message of hope for the world is an excellent idea.  Everyone who has ever experienced a hateful act or perhaps has committed one, regardless of how small, should read this book and take in its meaning.  My hope is to find a copy of this book on every shelf of every personal library throughout the world.  My prayer is that the book not lie on the shelf dusty and forgotten, but show the signs of wear from being often read.  One World, One Heart by Susan Polis Schutz – find it, read it, understand its meaning, and spread the word!

To order this book visit the Blue Mountain Arts at http://www.sps.com.


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