On the Ice

Composed by: iZLER

Distributed by: On the Ice

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The independent film, On the Ice, stars Josiah Patkotak and Frank Qutuq Irelan as Qalli and Aivaaq, two teenagers raised as brothers in the quiet town of Barrow, Alaska.  Stifled by the solitude of the town, the two head out on a seal hunt with some friends only to return minus one.  James (John Miller) has gone missing and everyone in the close-knit community pitches in to find him.  Only Qalli, Aivaaq and Michelle (Adamina Kerr) know exactly what happened to James, but an unfortunate accident gets blown completely out of proportion by guilt and deceit.  Can this sleepy town survive the scandal when the truth finally emerges?

            The musical score of On the Ice was composed by iZLER.  Born in Czechoslovakia and raised in England, composer and multi-instrumentalist iZLER began his musical career touring with Robbie Williams, among others, before studying conducting and orchestration in Los Angeles and turning his interests towards film.  He has written numerous songs for the television series ER, Thief and Chicago Code and regularly contributes musical scoring for Shameless and Revenge.  Nominated for the Discovery of the Year Award at the World Soundtrack Awards in 2011, iZLER has composed music for such films as Whatever It Takes, Off Season and Natural Selection.

            iZLER has a unique approach to creating a musical score for film.  Each track features a solo by a specific instrument, whether it be piano, guitar, woodwinds or strings.  Each solo expresses the feelings of guilt and despair of the characters as they struggle with their own consciences and the reality of their situation.  The intensity of the situation and the horror felt by all is brought out through the ominous bass sounds of a woodwind instrument I canít quite put a name to.  Electronic sounds and reverb capture the emotional anxiety of the teenagers as they struggle with the pressure of their tragic secret.

            The On the Ice Soundtrack provides listeners with a unique musical score perfectly suited for the film.  As a standalone album, iZLER serves up quite an interesting musical experience.  No two tracks are alike and one gets the sense that each one is poignant in understanding the emotion behind each scene of the film. 


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