3-D Animation

Disney's Prep & Landing: Operation: Secret Santa

Distributed by: Walt Disney Animations Studios

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Last year, Walt Disney Animation Studios brought us a new holiday favorite featuring members of an elite unit of elves whose job it is to prepare each house for Santa Claus’ (William Morgan Sheppard) arrival on Christmas Eve Prep & Landing introduced us to Wayne (Dave Foley), an elf who had been on the job for 227 years and had believed he’d grown tired of the job until he received a new partner.  Lanny (Derek Richardson) was full of that excited, let’s make a difference adrenaline that infuses all rookie elves in training.  But Lanny’s spirit was just what Wayne needed to get him back in the spirit again.

            This year, Disney’s Prep & Landing team is back with an all new adventure.  Operation: Secret Santa features Betty White as the voice of Mrs. Claus and she has a special mission for Wayne and Lanny.  Unfortunately, the mission will require them breaking into one of the most secure places the elves know - Mr. Claus’ workshop!

            I had seen the previews for Operation: Secret Santa and couldn’t wait to check it out.  Unfortunately, I was sicker than a dog when the animated short made it’s debut just after A Charlie Brown Christmas on December 7, 2010.  Thank goodness the folks at the Prep & Landing website were thoughtful enough to post the full length episode so those of us who missed it could enjoy the new adventure.

            The voice of Betty White is instantly recognizable as Mrs. Claus and yet it just seems right.  It’s such a kindly elderly voice that it fits Mrs. Claus perfectly.  Wayne and Lanny are as hysterical as ever and their acrobatics along with the special tools of their trade never seize to amaze me.  When we discover what Operation: Secret Santa is all about, we can’t help but sigh at the thoughtfulness of Mrs. Claus.  After all, what do you give the man who has everything?

            Anyone who wishes to see more Prep & Landing adventures can check out the show’s homepage at http://www.disney.go.com/partners/prepandlanding/ where you can check out Kringle Academy Training Videos, train for the academy yourself, create e-cards or printable decorations and more.

            Disney’s Prep & Landing has created a new and fun holiday animation that brings back that childhood Christmas spirit.  I enjoyed Operation: Secret Santa just as much as I enjoyed the original adventure.  I can’t wait to see what adventures the elves have in store for them next year!


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