Easy Listening / Funk / Jazz / Pop

Out There

Artist: The Kelly Project

Produced by: The Kelly Project

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Itís not often that I get the opportunity to review a local act, so I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to listen the latest album from the band called The Kelly Project.  Straight out of Long Island, New York, The Kelly Project consists of seven members, each bringing their own unique style and musical flare to the mix.  Mike Kelly is the groupís front man, supplying lead vocals, in addition to playing acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, and trumpet.  Backing up the vocals and providing lead acoustic and electric guitar is Vincent Palma.  Toted as the driving force behind The Kelly Project, Mike Kelly and Vincent Palma have been composing and collaborating on music since 1997.  Joining them in their effort to bring a new sound to the music world are Bertrand Valville on electric bass, Wayne Rosario on drums, Benny Arocho on percussion, Joe Galante on trumpet and Mike Sherman on saxophone.      

            Since releasing their self-titled album in the year 2002, The Kelly Project has enjoyed success touring the college scene and as the opening act for such well-known artists as James Brown, The Moody Blues, and Yes.  They have played in famous venues, such as The Velvet Lounge, the Jones Beach Theater and the Port Jazz Festival.  In early 2004, the band created Live on DVD CD, a two-disc EP that not only showcases the bandís incredible sound, but also offers an opportunity to see the band in a life performance via DVD.  In 2005, the band followed up with a seven-track CD entitled Out There.

            From the first track of Out There, called In My Time, it is quite easy to see the numerous influences behind the band.  Singer Mike Kelly sounds a bit like Maroon 5ís Adam Levine or Trainís Pat Monahan.   Kellyís voice comes across clean and clear and harmonizes beautifully with that of Vincent Palma in the track Summertime.  The guitars and keyboard mixed with the brass section in songs like Lonely Road and Night Calls Your Name gives the band a Chicago-like feel and adds the element of jazz to their sound, which can be categorized as anything from funk to jazz to pop.  The music and vocals of The Kelly Project combine to create a soothing yet uplifting feeling.  The lyrics are easily understood and well-written.  The sound of The Kelly Project is so incredibly enjoyable, it is no wonder that the band walked away with first place honors at the 2004 Touring 495 Band Search. 

            There is something special about the sound of the band that calls itself The Kelly Project and that special something is showcased in their new album Out There.  No matter what your taste in music, Out There offers such an incredible mix of styles and musical genre, that you will no doubt find yourself drawn to The Kelly Projectís music.  Contact your local radio stations and demand they begin playing The Kelly Project.  Run, donít walk, to your local music store and demand that they start selling The Kelly Projectís music, but whatever you do, donít miss out!  Buy The Kelly Projectís Out There now!


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