Piranha 3DD

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Piranha 3DD is the sequel to the 2010 horror film Piranha 3D and sees Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Mr. Goodman, the piranha expert.  Joined by survivor Andrew (Paul Scheer) and a partially devoured Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames), he faces new terror as the frenzied pre-historic school of man-eating fish return, this time taking on The Big Wet Water Park.  Joining the cast are David Hasselhoff as the water park's lifeguard, Gary Busey, Katrina Bowden and more.

            The Piranha 3DD Soundtrack features songs by various artists including The Limousines, Marcus Latief Scott, Jason Scheff, All the Right Moves and more.  There are also some instrumental tracks by Automatic Music Explosion and Robert Etoll.  Songs on the album span the musical genres with rock, pop, indie and more.

            Things start off with Got Me in a Trance by Marcus Latief Scott, a fun R&B/pop track describing how the singer's main squeeze makes him feel every time he catches a glimpse of her.  This is followed by Summer School a pop song in which Twirl vows not to be stuck retaking classes for the summer.  Then comes an awesome surf-worthy instrumental track from Automatic Music Explosion called C'mon I Can't Wait.  The One & Only's follow with Chemical Kings, a funkadelic song about drug supplying and the songs just keep coming.  Seventeen tracks in all.

            I loved the instrumentals - C'mon I Can't Wait and Head Banger, a rocking track from Robert Etoll.  Got Me in a Trance and Summertime by Josh Mobley, featuring Reina Williams, were a lot of fun.  I had to laugh when I heard I'm Always Here by Jason Scheff, otherwise known as the Baywatch theme song - can we guess whose theme that is in this movie?  I also chuckled at Internet Killed the Video Star by The Limousines, a sort of tongue-in-cheek sequel to the 1979 song by The Buggles entitled Video Killed the Radio Star

            In all actuality, I found the entire Piranha 3DD Soundtrack to be surprisingly highly enjoyable.  The music is perfect for summertime, driving with the windows down and the radio loud, wind blowing through your hair as you sing along.  It's perfect beach party music as well, although I should warn you that some of the lyrics are expliicit.  Piranha 3DD may not have done all that well in theaters, but the Piranha 3DD Soundtrack is the perfect summer album and bound to be a hit with summer music fans everywhere.


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