The Pagan Queen

Musical Score By: Benedikt Brydern

Distributed by: Keep Moving Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The German historical drama, The Pagan Queen, retells the legend of Libuše, who in the Dark Ages of 700AD was the Czech tribal queen who envisioned the city of Prague.  Featuring fantasy mixed with factual information, the movie follows Libuše from her rise as ruler of the tribes of the Bohemian forests to her eventual death and legend status.

                The musical score of The Pagan Queen was created by German violinist, producer and composer Benedikt Brydem.  Studying violin and piano at the Richard-Strauss Academy of Music in Munich, Brydem took private composition studies under composer Stefan Zorzor.  After graduating, Brydem traveled to California to earn a degree in film music from USC.  Composing and performing concert music as well as composing music for film, television and video games, Benedikt Brydem has made quite a name for himself.  Some of his film score compositions include The Tin Soldier, Rhyme & Reason, Jaded, Dark Remains and more.

                The rich, orchestral score of The Pagan Queen features references to Czech classical music, a nod to the country in which the story takes place.  His theme for Libuše is based upon Czech classical composer Antonin Dvork’s Romance in F Minor which, to me, sounds awfully reminiscent of the beautiful Ave Maria.  The entire soundtrack is somewhat ominous sounding, at times featuring dramatic fast-paced movements and at others, slow and somewhat sad movements offering insight into the main character's mindset and how she is affected by the various people surrounding her and their actions.

                The Pagan Queen Soundtrack was previously digitally released, but the CD version released by Keep Moving Records contains tracks missing from the original release, thus providing a complete picture of the musical score created for the film.  Released in a limited edition of 500 copies, this version also contains a booklet featuring liner notes by Gergely Hubai about the Libuse mythology, the making of the film and creation of the score based on interviews with director Constantin Werner and composer Benedikt Brydern.  Fans of the movie and original soundtrack release will want to get their hands on this special edition of this epic score.


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