Paris Schmaris: What the Golden Hilton Can Teach Us About Society

By Justine Manzano


    I was sitting in my father-in-law's living room this weekend, saying a silent prayer of thanksgiving for the bit of information my 11 year old sister-in-law had just revealed to me--she doesn't like Paris Hilton.  As a matter of fact, she mocked the very idea of an album released by her.  Suddenly, life seemed a little less dim-the children are our future, and this child didn't like Paris Hilton. Okay, maybe it shouldn't be that dramatic, but to me, it meant alot.  We exist in an age where kids roam the streets serenading us with songs like "The Thong Song" and "My Humps."  Sadly, my very intelligent sister-in-law may be part of an ever-dwindling minority.   The public support for Paris and her image is astounding and I can't help but ask myself why.

     Who is Paris Hilton?  Well, she is the daughter of the Hilton hotel owner.  So, that's how it started.  She had one accomplishment--she knew how to be rich.  Difficult work!  I'm sure Daddy is glad he worked his business up to pay for his daughter's martinis.  Then, she began to do some modeling and ended up in a well publicized (I'm sure that wasn't planned) sex tape that left sexual deviant upon sexual deviant cheering.  Somehow, because we live in a socially screwed up world in which sex is the driving force of absolutely everything, she parlayed a porn video into an acting and singing career.  Wow!  Maybe she did inherit some of Daddy's entrepreneurial skills after all--it must take alot to manage that. 

    The sad thing that most people, including Paris herself, don't seem to get is that her success is a cosmic joke.  She doesn't actually do anything.  The movie she appeared in, House of Wax, was a joke and most of the people who went to see it only went to see how she died--not me, but the way.  I haven't been driven that mad by her...yet.  She published a book, and it was all about how to make friends, show up fashionably late to high level social functions and how to throw an awesome princess-like birthday party.  And it was written just like she speaks.  "Throw yourself a party.  It will be HOT!"  (Not an actual quote.)  I was shocked when my very intelligent friend bought the book because "Paris is a fashion icon."  Yes, this may be true, but that is no reason to lower yourself intellectually.  Paris' voice is strange.  She doesn't have a bad voice, but she doesn't really have a good one either.  If she had used her millions to get herself some decent voice lessons rather than forcing a record before it's time, she may have actually been capable of producing something decent.  Instead, she just perpetuates a growing behavior in America day.

    The idea of hard work has disappeared from the minds of America at large.  We feel that things should be handed to us, and if we had money, everything would be better.  Watching Paris on her reality series, The Simple Life, her reality series, for just one moment reveals that she is not the brightest.  So, this is the message that we as a society put out.  So many of us idolize this mess!  Don't get an education, live off of your parents' money, and you can have the world.  Jeez!  At least Nicky Hilton designs clothes--but, that's probably why she's not as popular.  Who works when they're that rich anyhow?

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