Peanuts Treasury

Written by: Charles M Schultz

Published By: Metro Books

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I am a huge Peanuts fan, my favorite character being Snoopy.  Who doesnít love them some Snoopy, right?  When I was a kid, I had every Peanuts book you could find.  They were either given to me or purchased for me by my parents.  I read them over and over again and always found great enjoyment in the everyday tales of the gang.  I watched every Peanuts cartoon - not just the holiday specials, but the ones that used to air every Saturday as well. 

            When I moved out of my parentsí house, my love for Peanuts hadnít waned, but, for some reason, I had left those books behind.  Maybe I had wanted my brother and sister to have as much enjoyment with them as I did.  For whatever reason, I no longer had those books.  Years later, when I asked my sister about them, she didnít seem to know what had happened to them.  My Peanuts books were missing!  And I wanted them!  Now!  I ventured into my local Barnes & Noble and found a book that would ease the pain of having lost all of those books - Peanuts Treasury.

            Peanuts Treasury is a compilation of over six hundred Peanuts cartoons.  It features an introduction by Johnny Hart, creator of the B.C. comic strip.  As Hart reminds us, Peanuts creator Charles Schultz is, quite possibly, the best comic strip creator that ever existed.  Delving into his own childhood experiences to create those of the Peanuts gang, he created a comic strip that everyone could relate to.  Everyone knew a Charlie Brown, a sweet but wishy-washy kid with a good heart and a bad stroke of luck.  Everyone knew a know-it-all like Lucy.  Everyone knew a tomboy like Peppermint Patty or a dirty kid like Pigpen or a smart kid with a security issue like Linus

            These werenít just kids we grew up with, these were situations we had experienced like that lackluster neighborhood baseball team or the Christmas Pageant that we dreaded taking part in.  Who hasnít crushed on some girl or guy, but found that they were too shy to even say hi to them?   Because they were kids we could relate to in situations we could relate to, we found ourselves rooting for them.  Every time Charlie Brown tries to fly that kite or kick that football, we root for him to finally succeed. 

            And then thereís Snoopy, my favorite.  Who hasnít wished they knew what was going on in their dogís head as they sit or lay there looking off into the distance?  Could it be that they were flying Sopwith Camels against the Red Baron in their mindís eye?  Could they be imagining what their brother and sister littermates are doing now that they have grown apart?  Is it possible that your puppy is pretending to be another animal altogether?  Or perhaps your pup is finding you as ridiculous as you often find him but is just to polite to tell you so.

            Peanuts Treasury is a huge book filled with some of the funniest Peanuts strips I grew up with as a kid.  Each strip is in black and white as they originally appeared.  As a kid, I delighted in reading these strips which often carried with them an important message that Schultz wanted to share with us.  A religious man, Charles Schultz often incorporated some of the teachings of the Bible in his strips without beating us over the head with its message.

            As an adult, I still found just as much enjoyment reading the strips included in this book.  I found myself chuckling out loud and often at the antics of the Peanuts gang, especially my Snoopy.  I picked up this large and rather daunting book with the intent of reading a few strips a day.  Two days later, I finished the book and was yearning for more.  Six hundred plus Peanuts strips were included in the Peanuts Treasury and I found myself still wanting more.  Thatís the hold Charles Schultz and his Peanuts can have on a person - a very positive and happy hold indeed. 

            Peanuts Treasury contained many of the strips that I lost when I moved out on my own, making this book an absolute treasure.  Now that I have my Peanuts strips back, Iíll never let them out of my sight again!  This is a perfect book for those looking for a starting point for their kids and for those looking to relive some of the magic of their childhood. 


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