Perfect Sisters

Composed By: Carmen Rizzo

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the real life Bathtub Murders case, Perfect Sisters stars Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley as Sandra and Beth Anderson, the abused daughters of addict Linda Anderson (Mira Sorvino).  On January 18, 2003, police arrive at the Anderson home alerted by a 911 call.  Linda was found dead in a bathtub filled with water, the death believed to be an accident.  Only Sandra and Beth know the truth - their mother was planning on moving in with her abusive boyfriend and taking the girls along for the ride.  Feeling it was their only way out, they took matters into their own hands.  They might have gotten away with it, but their confessions to their friends seal their fates.

                The musical score of Perfect Sisters was created by two-time Grammy Award nominated producer, composer, musician, DJ and remixer Carmen Rizzo.  Having worked with some leading performers like Seal, Paul Oakenfield, Huun Hur Tu and Niyaz, Rizzo has also had great success as a solo performer.  USA Today picked his debut album as their number one pick in their fall music guide.  His music has also been heard on such successful television series as CSI: Miami and True Blood.  The musical score Carmen Rizzo created for Perfect Sisters is mainly electronic.  The sound is dark and edgy, giving the listener the feeling that something particularly bad has taken place, something that has the characters constantly looking over their shoulders, and that eventually that something is going to catch up with them.

                The Perfect Sisters Soundtrack starts off as a teenage anthem of sorts - a party album featuring music to dance to.  AM/FM Sound by Matt & Kim is a fun track that sounds like something straight from the American Pie Soundtrack Honey Don't is a Carl Perkins rockabilly classic remade masterfully by Johnzo West Guilty Filthy Soul by AWOLNATION is a funky rock track with a '70s psychedelic sound.  The lyrics are darker and somewhat describe the situation the girls are finding themselves in: "Be careful who you tell...Cause you gotta guilty, filthy soul.  Don't ya know it's out of your control."  Cruel by St. Vincent has a newer gritty sound with even darker lyrics disguised in an upbeat sound: "Forgive the kids, for they don't know how to live / Run the alleys casually cruel...They could take or leave you / So they took you, and they left you / How could they be casually cruel?"

                WTF by Hyper Crush is a definite dance party track followed by the much darker Washed Out song, A Dedication.  Things get darker after that as the cops get closer to catching the Anderson girls in their elaborate scheme to rid themselves of their mother and the damage she caused them.  That's when the score by Carmen Rizzo comes in and you just know that time has run out.

                The Perfect Sisters Soundtrack is a great listen.  It tells the story of the movie through its music and lyrics, thanks to excellent choices in songs and a terrific score.  That the songs were familiar to me was just as important - they helped define the emotions and drama of the main characters, offering a different look at what the lyrics might actually mean.  The Perfect Sisters Soundtrack is a terrific stand alone album with music that can only enhance the visual and emotional impact of the film.  This is an album well worth checking out.


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