Pets' Letters to God 2

Translated By: Ellen Phillips

Published By: Hallmark Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners


            I love when my human gets gifts from her friends.  Knowing that she is an animal lover, she often gets cool books about them that I always borrow BEFORE she has the chance to read them.  Having read her copy of Petsí Letters to God, I couldnít wait to read the sequel she just received, Petsí Letters to God 2.

            The cover of the book features a cute puppy on the front, but the creators of this book make up for that with an adorable kitten sleeping in a mailbox on the back cover.  Petsí Letters to God 2 is divided into 4 chapters.  When I Get to Heaven features letters to God about what Heaven might be like.  The Name Game questions where the pets got their names fromReigning Cats and Dogs is devoted to the thoughtful letters written solely by cats and dogs about all sorts of topics.  The final chapter, Just Wondering, features letters with questions about all sorts of things posed to God.

            I enjoyed the fact that Ellen Phillips didnít just translate letters from cats and dogs, but also gave other pets like goldfish, guppies, birds, snakes and other reptiles the opportunity to have their say.  Iím an equal opportunity type of kitty - I believe that all animals have a right to speak their minds and ask whatever questions they feel like, just so long as they know that cats are the supreme beings of the world.

            My favorite chapter is The Name Game as I often wonder where my friends got their names from.  And who could blame someone named Frodo, Tunahead or Fluffy for asking questions about their names?  I have no wonders about mine as my human was thoughtful enough to explain it to me.  When I came to her home, my human wanted to bestow upon me a name that would best suit my personality.  Well, I was a bit scared when I first got there and my human spoiled me quite a bit.  She got it in her mind that I was like a princess and she wanted to find a nice exotic name that sounded princess-like.  She was watching the Human Olympics and saw the name Natasia (with a different spelling - I have to be unique) and she felt the name was perfectly suited for me.

            Of course, there were some letters I was not happy with, such as the dog who wants to know why we have nine lives while he was offered only one and wants the situation corrected.  I was also not pleased reading about the dogs who think of their fellow pet kitty as a play thing to be harassed and annoyed every living breathing second of her life.  Cats are to be worshipped and such behavior is not to be tolerated by cats anywhere!

            After I was finished reading this book, my human picked it up.  She kept laughing and laughing, reading parts aloud to her friends.  I donít see what she found so funny about these serious letters from pets to God, but she certainly seemed to enjoy Petsí Letters to God 2 a whole lot.  Sheís even been talking other people into getting their hands on the book.  I suppose thatís a good thing - spreading the word around about us pets and their innermost thoughts and hopes.  Iím still planning on torturing her for the laughterÖI just havenít found an adequate way to do so yet.


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