Piranha 3D

Musical Score By: Michael Wandmacher

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Piranha 3D is the second remake of the 1978 film about the terror caused by unexpected attacks from carnivorous fish.  This time the movie is set in the town of Lake Victoria, Arizona.  Normally a quiet town, every year Lake Victoria sees a burst of activity as thousands come to enjoy spring break and some fun in the sun.  Unfortunately, this year, a phenomenon has occurred in Lake Victoria, an underwater tremor that has unleashed scores of prehistoric man-eating fish.  With a huge ensemble cast including Ving Rhames, Elizabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss, Jerry O’Connell, Christopher Lloyd and more, and new 3D special effects, director Alexandre Aja hope was to create a horror film that not only surpassed the original film, but caused terror among movie-goers everywhere.

            To that end, he commissioned Michael Wandmacher to create the film’s musical score.  Known for his ability to blend symphonic music with cutting edge electronica, rock and hip-hop, Michael Wandmacher is no stranger to the horror genre, having composed musical scores for the films Cry Wolf, The Killing Floor, Train, My Bloody Valentine, the television series Night Stalker, and the video game Singularity

            For the Piranha 3D Soundtrack, Wandmacher decided on a musical score that would leap right out at you from the very first track.  High pitched strings and rock percussion slam this music right into you in just about every track.  There is no rest or respite from the action driven nature of this score which relies as heavily on electronic sound as it does on the orchestral instruments, electric guitar, electric cello, and rock percussion.  What stands out most in this soundtrack and gives it its signature sound is the use of the bowed piano.  At times the sounds produced by the bowed piano are high pitched and cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end.  At other times the sounds are so ominous they have you looking over your shoulder.

            The Piranha 3D Soundtrack is a heart wrenching adrenaline rush from beginning to end that just may outdo the movie it was created for.  Just listening to this soundtrack is enough to send chills running up and down your spine, without ever seeing the scenes the music was created for.  This would make a perfect soundtrack to any Halloween haunted house adventure.


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