Pirate's Passage

Composed By: Andrew Lockington

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The Canadian animated adventure film, Pirate's Passage, is set in 1952 in the fictional community of Grey Rocks, Nova Scotia.  It is here that a 12-year-old Jim Hawkins (Gage Munroe) faces bullying at school while his widowed mother (Carrie-Ann Moss) faces the possible takeover of her only source of income, the local inn she runs.  When a mysterious seadog named Captain Johnson (Donald Sutherland) takes up residence at the inn, it takes Jim’s mind off of his troubles.  Captain Johnson seems to have unlimited knowledge of pirates, helping Jim with his school project on the pirates of the local scene.  But after a while, Jim begins to realize that Captain Johnson seems to know way more than the books on the subject…as if he lived the tales he tells.  But that can’t be possible, could it?

                The musical score of Pirate’s Passage was created by Canadian composer Andrew Lockington who has been writing music for film since 1997.  His breakout score was created for Journey to the Center of Earth, which brought recognition in the form of the Award for Breakout Composer of 2008 by the International Film Music Critics Association.  Since then, he has amassed a number of film scoring credits for such notable works as City of Ember, Frankie & Alice, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, San Andreas and Skinwalkers.

                The score of Pirate’s Passage has a certain Celtic flare to it ala Pirates of the Caribbean.  Horn blasts and percussion accompany Celtic violins and female vocals like in Seven Chests, Aim to Sink Her and Boat Comes Loose.  Fast-paced violins accompany moments of danger like in the track A Ship in the Storm.  Other moments, like Searching the Basement, feature horns and violins combining to create a sound that speaks of danger and despair with a sense of action and suspense combined. 

                The score of Pirate’s Passage is actually a great deal of fun and perfect for the movie it was created for.  It enhances the visuals of the film and the emotional link between the boy and his captain/pirate.  I enjoyed listening to the Pirate's Passage Soundtrack and suspect that fans of music from pirate films will as well.


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