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P.J. Devlin 3D

A MySpace Find

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Once again, I was surfing, looking for a great band that deserves to have their music being played on mainstream radio and yet has remained unsigned.  This time around, I found a family indie rock band from the U.K.  Welcome to the third edition of MySpace Finds featuring P.J. Devlin 3D.

            P.J. Devlin 3D hails from Lincoln in the United Kingdom and consists of Joe Devlin on guitar and drums, Todd Devlin on bass and drums and P.J. on guitar and keyboards.  Sometimes sister Georgina Devlin makes an appearance to add a little bit of finesse on the piano.  The members of the band write and perform their own material, citing influences such as The Beatles, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Al Green, and anything with Motown and soul.  With such eclectic influences, one would wonder what kind of music P.J. Devlin 3D might produce.  The band labels themselves as an indie rock band, but there is a definite funk / soul influence to their music that canít be denied.

            P.J. Devlin 3D currently has four songs posted on their MySpace page.  The first, Living in a Jungle, displays that funky style mixed with some heavy rock guitar riffs.  The song reminds me of those rocking freedom songs of old Ė itís a tad Jimi Hendrix in nature.  The site contains a video for the song that has quite a few psychedelic visuals that strengthen the feeling of a Ď60ís rock meets funkedelic revolution song.  City Lights is the second song on the site and features an amazing guitar solo with some equally terrific rock beats. 

            My favorite songs are Angel and Tears Donít Last 4Eva.  Some bands like to boast that they only perform their own material.  That doesnít exactly mean that their own material is all that good.  It just means that they like to be known as original.  But P.J. Devlin 3D has something that those other bands donít Ė the ability to write lyrics that are heartfelt and poignant in meaning.  Angel tells the story of a small town girl with high hopes and aspirations.  Unfortunately, this girl moves on up and out of the ghetto, only to meet her downfall in the big city.  ďAngelís always in a hurry / You will never tie her down / Angelís got no need to worry / Friends will always gather round.Ē  That verse sung at the beginning and at the end of the song paints a vivid picture in the mind of the listener.  You can see the song beginning with Angel as a popular girl in a small town, friends gathering around her, and ending with friends gathering around Angelís grave, mourning the loss of a victim of society.  Tears Donít Last 4Eva starts off with a terrific piano solo.  The song contains a definite Beatles psychedelic-stage influence.  The lyrics define a once strong love gone sour as the two lovers grow apart for one reason or another.  ďItís a short walk from love to hateĒ Ė no truer words were ever said.

            I have to wonder at the fact that P.J. Devlin 3D has yet to be signed.  This band is rather on the young side physically and obviously has a bit of growing to do.  However, musically, P.J. Devlin 3D has a very mature sound.  Just imagine what this band might sound like in a couple of years!  Rock on P.J. Devlin 3D!  The world has no idea what theyíre missing. 

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