Postman Pat: The Movie

Composed By: Rupert Gregson-Williams

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In Postman Pat: The Movie, Pat Clifton (Stephen Mangan) is the friendly and helpful postman who has been delivering letters and packages and so much more to the people of Greendale, England for years.  His plans for taking his wife Sara (Susan Duerden) on a late honeymoon to Italy by using his SDS bonus fall through when Pat's boss (Peter Woodward) cancels all bonuses.  Pat enters a television talent contest in an effort to win the money to pay for the honeymoon.  Unfortunately, while Pat is competing, SDS replaces him with a robot replica, the Pat-Bot 3000, and that robot is not making the rounds the same way Pat always has, offending many an individual and confusing everyone.  Can Postman Pat fix things before it's too late?

                The musical score of Postman Pat: The Movie was created by British composer Rupert Gregson-Williams.  Brother of celebrated composer Harry Gregson-Williams and former member of Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions (a team of composers), Rupert Gregson-Williams has amassed an impressive résumé of film scores.  Credits include Hotel Rowanda, Over the Hedge, Winter's Tale, Bee Movie, Click, Zookeeper, Blended and more.

                For the score of this film, Gregson-Williams searched for inspiration from the Postman Pat television series airing on BBC: " I started the movie with a very simple rendition of the TV theme tune, and built it up taking us through to a new broad and orchestral theme by the time we met our heroes, Pat and Jess."  The Postman Pat: The Movie Soundtrack opens with an uplifting orchestral sound.  One can almost picture the pleasant town of Greendale and the people living there.  Listening to tracks like Pickups and Deliveries and Pat Nailed It, one gets the distinct impression that Postman Pat truly loves his job and is very good at it.

                We get a sense that something has gone wrong with the introduction of a darker sound in SDS Corporate Office.  We know something has changed when we hear the pace and tone of Pat-Bot 3000 and Pat-Bot Into Service.  Right away, the tempo is much faster and that happy-go-lucky, friendly sound of Greendale is gone, replaced with a rushed and hectic sound.  And things get really bad for Postman Pat when we hear the track Megalomaniac.  Of course, Postman Pat realizes what's really important in life in the dramatically uplifting track What's Important, which eventually leads up to Pat saving the day complete with the rousing fanfare after the battle in Robot Takeover and Defeat.

                I actually had a great deal of fun listening to the soundtrack of Postman Pat: The Movie and trying to figure out just what the film was about.  I knew it was an animated feature, so I expected some lighthearted fare.  I was not prepared for the sophisticated orchestral music depicting the town and their hero, Pat and the dramatic piano themes interspersed here and there for Sara's theme.  This score sounds nothing like what's expected of a children's animated film and that's what makes the Postman Pat: The Movie Soundtrack a soundtrack worth taking a listen to.


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