Prayer Never Fails

Composed By: Sid De La Cruz

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the dramatic film, Prayer Never Fails, Nick Lashaway is high school basketball coach Aiden Paul.  Aiden appears to be just what the high school ordered, on his way to a number of wins, but shortly after warning the principal that funds weren’t being appropriated properly, he prays alongside one of his players who has a troubled home life and his fired.  Aiden hires agnostic, gambling addict Michael Brown (Clifton Davis) as his attorney.  As the two wrestle with the challenges of this trial and their beliefs, the experience changes both of them for the better.

                The Prayer Never Fails Soundtrack features songs by various artists like D Woodz, Mz Nokz, Jon Blaq, Suzanne Wood and Smart Guy Chevelle, and musical score by Sid De La Cruz.  Studying music at San Jose State University, Sid De La Cruz familiarized himself with popular and electronic music, African drumming and Asian gamelan.  He pursued a Master’s Degree in Music Composition at Claremont Graduate University and completed the film scoring program at UCLA.  This is the composer’s fourth collaboration with director Wes Miller, having composed the music for Lily Grace: A Witch Story, What A Wonderful World and Chapter One: The Date.

                Though piano and strings dominate the scoring, there is a mix of synths in there.  According to the composer, “Wes wanted the score to be a hybrid, meaning a mixture of orchestral and synth instruments. I feel that the music in this movie, takes the viewer in a journey and gives them a mixture of emotions to help capture what is going on screen.”  Representing the emotional highs and lows of the main characters, the music becomes more dramatic as they face challenges and rises in crescendo, becoming more powerful in positive moments.

                The songs on the soundtrack consist of hip-hop, rock and pop, with an emphasis on Christian rap that speaks of empowerment through the hands of and thankfulness to God.  The songs are pretty catchy and I liked them all except Hold On by Suzanne Wood which I felt sounded extremely off-key.  I couldn’t even sit through the whole song.

                That being said, I really enjoyed the rest of the soundtrack which I found to be uplifting and positive.  The rap music surprised me at first, but as I listened to the lyrics, I discovered that they reflected what Aiden felt about the power of prayer and his belief in God and realized that the songs fit perfectly with the film.  The Prayer Never Fails Soundtrack is definitely worth the listen!


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